• pressure sterilizer,150l autoclave,mushroom autoclave
  • pressure sterilizer,150l autoclave,mushroom autoclave
  • pressure sterilizer,150l autoclave,mushroom autoclave

Retort 150L Commercial Pressure Sterilizer Mushroom Autoclave

Autoclaves are also used to sterilize other materials used in mushroom cultivation, such as tools, containers and AGAR media for spore inoculation and culture. This helps prevent contamination during cultivation and ensures high-quality mushroom production.

Overall, the use of autoclaves is crucial in mushroom cultivation to ensure a sterile and controlled environment that promotes healthy growth and production of mushrooms.

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150L Commercial Pressure Sterilizer Mushroom Autoclave Features:

Designed for medium to large mushroom farms, this 150 litre pressure sterilizer uses the most advanced high-pressure steam sterilization technology to provide an efficient, safe and stable sterile treatment solution for mushroom culture-medium. The product capacity is up to 150 liters, which is enough to meet the sterilization needs of large batches of media and effectively improve the production efficiency of the farm.

pressure sterilizer,150l autoclave,mushroom autoclave

1. Large capacity double basket design

The unique double basket structure can accommodate two sterilization baskets at the same time, which greatly improves the sterilization processing capacity, realizes barrier-free operation twice a day, and significantly reduces the sterilization cycle.

2. Precise temperature control and pressure regulation

The built-in advanced digital control system ensures that constant temperature and pressure are maintained throughout the sterilization process, and no matter what type of medium, it can ensure that it is completely sterilized within 1-2 hours, eliminating the uncertainty of traditional sterilization methods.

3. Load management optimization

Scientific loading prompt design to remind users to avoid overload, to ensure that the culture medium in each part of the sterilizer can be fully penetrated by steam, especially in the central position, to ensure a full range of disinfection effect without dead corners.

4. Intelligent timing and automatic stop function

Equipped with precision timer and automatic stop function, users only need to set the sterilization time and temperature in advance, you can rest assured to carry out other work, greatly reducing the management pressure of staff in the large-scale sterilization process.

5. Material and durability

Made of food-grade stainless steel, it is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring stable performance and health safety under long-term high frequency use.

pressure sterilizer,150l autoclave,mushroom autoclave pressure sterilizer,150l autoclave,mushroom autoclave

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Model Power Voltage Basket Size Tank Size Net Weight Package Size Temperature Pressure
Retort-50 220V 3.5KW φ320×450MM φ350×650MM 58KG 570×570×1300MM 50℃-134℃ 0.22Mpa
Retort-100 380V 6.0KW φ470×240MM


φ510×740MM 120KG 660×660×1420MM
Retort-150 380V 6.0KW φ470×240MM


φ510×920MM 130KG 660×660×1520MM