4 Common Autoclave Problems and Solutions


common autoclave problems,bd test,autoclave failure

1.BD Test Failure

BD test is a test to test whether the cold air in the pre-vacuum or pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer or the bag is completely discharged, and whether there is a cold air mass in the bag. In the BD test, the BD test kit is placed 5 ~ 10cm away from the condensate discharge port at the bottom of the sterilization chamber, and after a complete sterilization process, the light yellow strip pattern of the test paper in the test kit becomes uniform black.

If the test paper becomes uniform black, it means that the cold air in the sterilizer is completely removed; If the test paper discoloration is not uniform or local discoloration, it means that the cold air in the sterilizer is not completely eliminated, the test kit contains cold air masses, the sterilizer has a fault, and it must be eliminated before it can continue to be used.

The reasons for unqualified BD test are as follows:

Fault cause ① : Possibly because the sterilizer has not been used for a long time, the condensate water is not discharged smoothly due to the accumulation of impurities in the pipeline, and it accumulates in the cavity, making the BD test kit wet, resulting in uneven discoloration of the test paper;

Solution: Check whether the trap is blocked, drain the condensate and water in the pipeline to do BD test again;

Failure cause ② : vacuum pump damage, sterilization chamber chamber or connected to the pipeline leakage, resulting in incomplete vacuum;

Solution: If BD test is still not qualified again, in the case of normal operation of the vacuum pump, the chamber door seal ring and pipeline should be thoroughly investigated. If the air leakage is found, the BD test should be done after the air leakage fault is eliminated. The chamber door seal ring often results in weak sealing and air leakage due to its own aging;

Failure cause ③ : steam itself contains non-condensable gas.

Solution: Check whether the pure water supplied to the steam generator has problems and whether it contains other substances;

Fault cause ④ : BD test package quality problem.

Solution: Replace BD test packages of other batches.

common autoclave problems,bd test,autoclave failure

2. Timeout Failure

Fault cause ① : there is leakage phenomenon, the vacuum pump in the vacuum stage can not reach the predetermined pressure, and the temperature in the sterilizer chamber in the heating stage does not go up due to steam leakage;

Troubleshooting method: you can determine whether it is a leak through the leak detection program, if there is a leak, you should check where the leak is, and the normal work can be resumed after removing the leak fault;

Fault cause ② : water ring vacuum pump can not work normally, vacuum timeout;

Troubleshooting method: Check whether the cooling water pressure and temperature reach the required value of the normal operation of the vacuum pump, if they are normal, check whether the pipeline is blocked;

Failure cause ③ : The pressure inside the jacket or sterilization chamber rises slowly, and the temperature fails to reach the predetermined level.

Troubleshooting method: May be caused by insufficient steam pressure, you can first observe the steam generator pressure gauge, if the pressure gauge shows lower than normal, then consider the steam generator fault, see whether the heating wire is working normally, if the steam generator pressure is normal, you should observe the chamber or jacket pressure gauge, if the chamber or jacket pressure gauge is lower than normal, It indicates that the steam generator to the cavity or jacket pipeline is not smooth, should check the pipeline, check valve, filter, steam valve, etc., whether blocked or failed.

common autoclave problems,bd test,autoclave failure

3. Chamber Door Failure


The failure of the chamber door in addition to the previously mentioned sealing ring leakage phenomenon, there will be abnormal opening and closing phenomenon, should check whether the pressure of compressed air reaches the level required for normal work; Check whether the track on both sides of the chamber door is damaged and whether the support rod of the chamber door is in vertical contact with the chamber door.

common autoclave problems,bd test,autoclave failure

4. Steam Generator Failure


Steam generator fault treatment to analyze the fault according to the fault phenomenon, there will generally be insufficient or too much steam pressure phenomenon, if the heating wire is working normally, the pressure switch should be faulty, should be replaced as soon as possible.

In addition, in the process of pressing the automatic water injection button of the steam generator, it is found that the water injection does not stop even when it reaches or even exceeds the water level, and the autoclave reports that the steam generator is wrong, and the power must be turned off and restarted before normal use.


The autoclave is a machine with a high degree of automation. Its pipeline gas path is more and more complex, and the fault mainly occurs in these places, maintenance engineers only know its internal structure and working principle, understand its pipeline composition and direction, when the autoclave fails, can accurately analyze the cause of the failure, quickly find the fault point and solve to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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