4 Problems with the retort sterilizer


1. what is the retort sterilizer?


The retort sterilizer can ensure the balance of the pressure inside and outside the sterilizer in the process of sterilization, so as to ensure that the sterilizer does not deform, liquid sterilization does not explode the bottle, does not overflow, food packaging is not easy to break the bag, and effectively extend the shelf life of food.For more information and food sterilization solutions, click here.


2. What is the difference between the retort sterilizer and the ordinary steam autoclave?

It can ensure that there will be no negative pressure in the chamber during the rapid cooling process, even if the liquid loading exceeds 80% of its capacity, there will be no sterilization liquid overflow in the sterilization process;

Rtoet sterilizer is mainly aimed at vacuum-packed food, to ensure that the sterilization process will not break the bag. If the use of ordinary autoclave will cause broken bag.

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3. After the retort sterilization whether can extend the shelf life of food?

The shelf life varies with different products. Taking canned porridge products as an example, the shelf life can be as long as 18 months to 24 months after reverse pressure and high temperature sterilization.


4. Which products are suitable for high temperature sterilization of this retort autoclave?

Vacuum packaging, glass cans, aluminum foil packaging, plastic cans (need high temperature resistance and no deformation, etc.

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5. Does high temperature sterilization affect the product (does the taste change)?

121C° will have an impact on the taste of products, depending on the food category.


6. When vacuum packaging is carried out, high temperature and high pressure sterilization, why does the bag swell?

Ordinary sterilizer does not have the function of back pressure.

Whether the customer’s packaging bag meets the requirements of high temperature autoclave sterilization.

The procedure of using high temperature sterilization is incorrect.

Please use the counter pressure sterilizer correctly.


7. When to reverse pressure?

The time of backpressure is before heating up and before cooling down.


8. What are the application industries of retort sterilizer?

1. Packaging industry, film manufacturers, food manufacturers, inspection institutions, scientific research institutes, medical units, etc.;

2. Food: small canned food, vacuum packaged food, health care products (such as canned bird’s nest), etc.

3. Sterilization of blood bags in blood stations (waste blood bags);

4. Sterilization with closed liquid.



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