4 Tips for Autoclave Troubleshooting


Autoclaves are complex and important devices that are essential in many medical and scientific Settings and are used to sterilize equipment with heat, water, and pressure. It is best to leave autoclave problems to the experts; it is difficult for the untrained eye to rule out the cause of the problem.

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However, being able to identify problems with autoclaves is the first step in troubleshooting. So, below, we’ve listed for you some clear indicators that your autoclave needs to be adjusted or repaired.



The autoclave should not have any water leakage or accumulation of water under it. If you notice that, there’s a problem. This may need attention around the sealing of the door. Repairs may be required.


Equipment damage during sterilization

If something breaks, such as melting during sterilization, then it may be a simple matter of adjustment. You may need to turn down the temperature or you may need a different setting. Or it could be a problem with the specific material you put in the autoclave.


Unfinished sterilization

Autoclaves are regularly tested to ensure that the sterilization process is complete and that appropriate tools are available. If your autoclave is not sterilized as it should be, it may need to be serviced and adjusted or repaired by a professional.


The equipment load is kept wet after the cycle

Usually, sterilized equipment or material is dry at the end of a cycle. If the material is still wet, there may be a problem with the way the material was loaded or a possible problem with the autoclave function. It can also be a problem with specific materials, since porous materials retain water. Consult your professional autoclave specialist.


If you think there is a problem with the autoclave, please feel free to call your autoclave specialist. The autoclave performs an important job, and it is vital that the autoclave performs this job exactly as designed.

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