5 reasons for failure of autoclave sterilizer sterilization


Autoclave sterilizer is essential processing equipment in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, and usually use steam sterilizer as sterilization equipment. It keeps the product clean and sterile during production and at the end of production.Meet product quality standards and hygiene standards.

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However, improper operation and some objective conditions can also lead to sterilization failure. So, what are the reasons for the failure of sterilization? How can we avoid these causes?


1. The loading of disinfectants is unreasonable
Reason: The main reason is that the sterilizer is too full, resulting in sterilization steam can not be well circulated between the sterilizer, and can not be fully sterilized, thus affecting the sterilization effect.
Improvement method: When placing the sterilizer, it is necessary to ensure that enough space is left for the steam to flow, and that the steam and the product have sufficient contact during the sterilization process.



2. The sterilization parameter selection is wrong
Reason: The temperature, pressure and time of the sterilizer are not selected well. Different sterilizers have different sterilization requirements, and it is difficult to ensure the sterilization effect without setting the sterilization parameters.
Improvement method: Follow the instructions of the equipment manufacturer and set different sterilization parameters for different bactericides.
For the first time sterilized products to detect sterilization parameters, for some more difficult to kill pollutants to extend the sterilization time.


3. Improper pretreatment of bactericide
Reason: The disinfectant is too dense for water vapor to pass through. Disinfectant packaging is not breathable, preventing water vapor penetration. The sterilizer is not sufficiently cleaned before sterilization, which affects the sterilization effect.
Improvement method: Correct packaging of bactericide, one package should not put too much bactericide resulting in too large density. Sterilizing materials use special sterilization packaging, such as non-woven fabrics or sterilization bags, to ensure that water vapor can fully penetrate. According to the requirements of the sterilizer, sufficient cleaning should be carried out before sterilization to ensure the sterilization effect.


4. Wet bag
Reason: The water vapor is not saturated enough, the packaging loading is not standard and other reasons cause the sterilizer to wet pack after the sterilization, resulting in microorganisms and other pollutants continue to enter the sterilizer through the water on the packaging surface after the sterilization, resulting in re-pollution.
Improvement method: The sterilizer should be packed and loaded according to the requirements before sterilization, the steam generation equipment should be checked regularly, and the sterilizer should be fully dried after sterilization.


5. Improper preheating of sterilizer
Reason: The sterilizer did not discharge the cold air in the container before sterilization, resulting in the pressure and temperature failing to meet the standard, resulting in the inability to achieve saturated steam, affecting the sterilization effect.
Improvement method: To ensure that there is no air residue in the package of bactericide, and to extend the time of discharging cold air appropriately to ensure that the cold air is exhausted.


autoclave sterilizer, steam sterilizer, sterilization equipment

In short, there are many reasons that affect the sterilization effect of steam autoclave, it is necessary to ensure the normal equipment, operation specifications, regular inspection and calibration of equipment, correct use of packaging materials, correct setting of sterilization parameters, and fully train operators to ensure good sterilization effect.

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