5 Ways to Reduce medical waste


Proper medical waste management can have a significant impact on reducing the amount of supplies and materials that enter landfills each year. By identifying which materials and supplies can be reused and which are actually waste, healthcare organizations can help more patients and operate clinics in a more cost-effective manner.

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There are five ways to reduce medical waste for hospitals, medical centers and other healthcare organizations.

1. Use of refurbished hospital beds. More than 35.7 million people are admitted to U.S. hospitals each year, and the average stay is 4.5 days. The beds in which these patients are admitted can be easily disinfected and refurbished for use by health centres, nursing staff and private individuals.


2. Use reusable bins and supplies. Disposable medical supplies and waste containers may be the norm in many medical centers. But these products have reusable variants that are both hygienic and help reduce supply costs and medical waste.


3. Use small medical waste containers. Larger medical waste containers make it easier for patients and medical staff to see them as regular garbage bags. Small clinical waste containers help reduce the amount of waste produced. Ensure that medical waste containers are only available for use by medical staff when possible.


4. Set up a clinical waste management team. One of the best ways to reduce medical waste is to monitor the amount of waste you produce. Consider setting up a medical waste management team to provide solutions for your clinic’s waste generation. Monitor your waste generation regularly to ensure your clinic is on track. Daily improvements and updates to waste management policies and procedures ensure that your policies are always up to date.


5. Provide comprehensive waste management training. You cannot expect your employees and team members to follow medical waste management practices if they do not know what these practices are. Be sure to provide your clinic with comprehensive waste management training to help reduce medical waste and control supply costs.

ways to reduce medical waste,medical waste sterilizer shredder,medical waste management,medical waste,medical waste container

About our Products:

medical waste sterilizer shredder is designed for hazardous medical waste disposal in hospitals, clinics, and dialysis centers. Stainless steel chambers are equipped with powerful crushing blades to reduce waste volume to 20%. Shredding the waste is important because it not only reduces the volume/size of the waste, but also enhances steam penetration, which improves overall sterilization. The system is equipped with an internal steam generator, built-in printer, microprocessor-based control system and waste suction system for safe offloading. A series of accessories can also be customized according to the needs of users.

After treatment, the waste is sterile. The liquid component of the waste is steamed out of the container, recondensed and discharged into the municipal sewer. The waste is treated, broken, non-toxic, mostly solid and dry, and therefore can be safely disposed of as regular municipal waste.

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