Animal Cage/Feed/Drinks

Because of the complexity of the design and the uniqueness of the inner experimental objects and other factors, the laboratory animal science has higher requirements on disinfection scheme. In addition to ensuring the sterilization and disinfection effect, It is also necessary to consider the corrosive effect of the scheme on experimental equipment and whether there are potential safety hazards to animals.

In the process of cleaning surgical instruments in animal surgery and after surgery, operators are in direct contact with all kinds of instruments, which are easy to be hurt by sharp instruments, and pollutants such as animal blood, body fluids, secretions, animal feed and anime Drinking are easily exposed to human body. While providing services to human medical research, cage’s potential biohazard risk should also be emphasized. Sterilization of space and equipment by Veterinary Autoclave with disinfection equipment is one of the measures to reduce biosafety risk in animal laboratories.