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YG-DW Animal Carcass Disposal Laboratory Sterilizer Veterinary Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Experimental animals is the base of life science research and the important supporting conditions, cherish animals, reasonable use of experimental animals, do a good job in the management of experimental animals, especially for experimental animal bodies and waste disposal, is one of the important steps, the subsequent processing of experimental animals is comply with national development trend of the scientific and standardized management of experimental animals.

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Animal Carcass Disposal Laboratory Sterilizer Veterinary Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Description:

Experiments in animal laboratories often produce waste products such as waste and waste water. In order to avoid the dead animals, waste pollution to the environment, requirements must be carried out on the carcasses, waste harmless animal carcass disposal. Animal carcasses and tissues of infected animal experiments shall be sterilized by autoclaves and sent out of the laboratory before being disposed of accordingly.

Laboratory sterilizer is a commonly used device in animal laboratory. It is responsible for the sterilization of most of the articles in animal rooms and laboratories. Provides reliable Laboratory Steam sterilizer for a variety of applications in biomedical research, animal care facilities, animal feeding rooms and research laboratories. These steam Veterinary Autoclavs are versatile and have multiple cycles to eliminate microorganisms while being gentle enough to protect component integrity. Autoclave Steam Sterilizer comes in a variety of chamber sizes to choose from to meet the needs of all common sterilization applications.

animal carcass disposal,laboratory sterilizer,veterinary autoclave,autoclave steam sterilizer,laboratory steam sterilizer

Animal Carcass Disposal Laboratory Sterilizer Features:

This series of animal carcass sterilizers is designed and manufactured by our company in order to solve the problems of easily produce oil pollution at the sterilization process .This series sterilizer is mainly used in sterilization of animal carcass,it can effectively solve the problem of pollution and blockage of the oil pollution to the discharge pipe, and has the function of leaning.

1. The main body is composed of inner layer and outer layer. The inner chamber is made of high quality acid-proof 304 stainless steel. Automatic welding, once forming. The Jacket is made of Q345R material special for pressure vessel. Stainless steel wiring-drawing plate for decoration case.

2. There is GMP confirmation access for the users to confirm the equipment.

3. It adopts motor-driven sealing door. Operation easily and safely. The sealing strips adopt excllent heat-resistant silicon rubber with long service life.

4. The control system adopts touch screen, PLC, mini-printer to ensure running steadily and inspecting temperature correctly.

5. Complete functions of date record, printing and storing. Temperature, time and pressure graph may be printed.

6. Inner chamber circular arc≥40°

7. Inner chamber mirror polishing.


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Main Parameter
Steam pressure 0.3~0.5Mpa Design pressure 0.25Mpa
Water pressure 0.15~0.3Mpa Working pressure 0.23Mpa
Compressed air pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa Working temperature 134℃
Preset program Animal carcass sterilization program and etc.
Model Inner chamber size Overall size Net weight Steam consumption Control power Supply power Water
(L×W×H)mm (L×W×H)mm kg kg/cycle AC220/50Hz/kw 3-AC380/50Hz/kw consumption
Double door kg/cycle
YG-DW-0.24 670×600×600 950×1350×1800 600 20 0.5 1.5 50
1010×1350×1800 700
YG-DW-0.36 1000×600×600 1280×1350×1800 700 25 0.5 1.5 60
1340×1350×1800 800
YG-DW-0.6 1170×610×910 1450×1350×1900 1100 30 0.5 2.4 70
1510×1350×1900 1250
YG-DW-0.8 1450×610×910 1730×1350×1900 1250 30 0.5 2.4 70
1790×1350×1900 1400
YG-DW-1.0 1250×680×1180 1530×1450×2000 1400 40 0.5 3 80
1590×1450×2000 1550
YG-DW-1.2 1500×680×1180 1780×1450×2000 1700 40 0.5 3 80
1840×1450×2000 1950
YG-DW-1.5 1870×680×1180 2150×1450×2000 1900 50 0.5 4 90
2210×1450×2000 2150
YG-DW-2.0 1700×1000×1200 2040×1800×2000 2400 70 0.5 4 100
YG-DW-2.5 1700×1000×1500 2040×1800×2200 2700 80 0.5 4 100
YG-DW-3.0 2000×1000×1500 2340×1800×2200 2950 100 0.5 5.5 120
YG-DW-4.0 2670×1000×1500 3010×1800×2200 3600 120 0.5 5.5 120
YG-DW-5.0 3340×1000×1500 3680×1800×2200 4900 150 0.5 7.5 140
YG-DW-6.0 4000×1000×1500 4340×1800×2200 5600 180 0.5 11 140