3 Kinds of Applications for Laboratory Sterilizers


As you know, an autoclave is a device that is capable of sterilizing its contents using high temperature and high pressure steam. They play a vital role in ensuring the safety and integrity of research by eliminating harmful microorganisms that can contaminate samples, instruments and workspaces.




Our laboratory sterilizers are used in the following three ways:


Instrument Sterilization


Laboratory autoclaves are suitable for a variety of laboratory environments and applied to a variety of equipment. The specific equipment depends on the purpose of the laboratory, but the most common is that any glassware or metal instruments used usually need to be disinfected. Laboratories that work with animals may even use autoclaves to sterilize cages, feeders, and other equipment that comes into contact with animals.


Waste Sterilization


In the laboratory, a variety of waste products are generated, such as experimental materials, media, biological products, etc. These wastes may contain pathogenic microorganisms and must be disinfected before they can be safely transported and discarded.

Laboratory sterilizers can be used to sterilize all kinds of medical waste, including solid waste, liquid waste, gaseous waste, etc. When sterilizing, it is necessary to note that the waste must be collected separately and sterilized according to the category.


Clothing Sterilization


In laboratories, workers often need to wear lab coats to perform operations. The lab coat may be contaminated during use, and if it is not sterilized, the contamination may be carried into the next experiment, affecting the accuracy of the experimental results. A laboratory sterilizer is a process designed to kill all microorganisms in clothing and bring it to a sterile state. Clothing sterilization is an important link in medical and health, laboratory research and other fields, which can prevent clothing from spreading diseases and protect human health.


Laboratory sterilizer is an essential equipment in the laboratory, which plays an important role in ensuring human health and environmental safety. When using the laboratory sterilizer, the relevant standards and requirements must be strictly observed to ensure the sterilization effect. Discover our laboratory sterilizers to keep your laboratory running safely and efficiently, we will provide customized services based on your needs, contact us.

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