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QPQ-60C Automated Washer Disinfector Dryer Endoscope Thermal Disinfection

The cleaning, disinfection and drying process is completed automatically by means of spray and cavity perfusion, without manual duty, cleaning and pollution are separated, effectively avoiding cross infection, protecting the safety and health of staff, and effectively guaranteeing the cleaning and disinfection effect of instruments, greatly reducing the cost of endoscopic decontamination and improving the turnover rate of endoscopes.

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Automated Washer Disinfector Dryer Endoscope Thermal Disinfection Features:

Program Control

Imported PLC machine control, 7-inch color large touch screen man-machine interface humanized mode of operation, and preset 6 groups of programs, you can choose to set up 24 programmable programs


The whole process of printer traceability

Specific printing function, the use of imported needle micro-printer, print the work process data, can be saved for more than 10 years, and can be connected with the traceability of quality management system.


Fast zero waiting time

Increased cleaning and disinfection pre-heating bin, 1/2 of the program running time, 1.5 times the cleaning capacity, the efficiency is more than 3 times the traditional equipment.


Energy Saving

Adoption of high-flow water circulation and spraying system, saving about 40% water and energy than traditional equipment.


Automatic sealing door

Automatically open the door under the door, double-layer toughened coating large window transparent glass door body, sound insulation and heat insulation, active compression sealing is more reliable, to protect the staff and the safety of cleaning items.


Chemical sterilization and rust removal function

Special individual chemical disinfection program, low-temperature disinfection and rust removal for non-high-temperature resistant and rusty instruments.



Hospital endoscopes, luminal instruments, routine instruments, scalpels, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, forceps, suction devices, respiratory anesthesia tubes, syringes, test tubes, glass slides, medication change bowls, all kinds of trays, buckets, pressure gauges, etc., in large quantities and with high degree of cleanliness for fast, efficient, safe, economical and fully automated cleaning, disinfecting and drying.



Pre-cleaning→warm water cleaning→warm water rinsing→thermal disinfection→lubrication and anti-rust treatment→hot air drying


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