• bed pan washer, bedpan washer disinfectors for hospitals, flusher disinfector
  • bed pan washer, bedpan washer disinfectors for hospitals, flusher disinfector

QPQ160/190/190P Automatic Bed Pan Washer Flusher Disinfectors For Hospitals

Advanced spray shower and high pressure washing technology, combined with high efficiency disinfectant, deep cleaning for bedpans, urinals and other personal hygiene products, effectively eliminate more than 9999.9% of pathogenic microorganisms, to ensure health and safety.

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Automatic Bed Pan Washer Flusher Disinfectors For Hospitals Features:

Equipment designed specifically for the reprocessing of bedpans and urinals. Our bed pan washers are available in three different models to meet all the needs of different departments and wards in clinics and hospitals, as well as residential care and day centres.

Efficient, reliable and cost-effective, the bed pan washers dispose of harmful human excreta faster and more effectively than traditional hand washing methods, while minimizing clinicians’ exposure to harmful bacteria.



Pre-wash → Main wash → Neutralization → Rinse 1 → Rinse 2 → Rinse 3 → Drying


1. The housing and wash chamber are made of stainless steel to minimize cross infection.

2. Large, medium and small capacity models are available to suit a variety of medical environments.

3. 4 universal casters are provided at the bottom of the instrument for easy movement.

4. A high-powered 600 litre/minute recirculation pump with inverter soft start provides the necessary water pressure for pristine wash performance.

5. High-performance and rapid drying system, HEPA drying system with double piping compression fan, can be set drying time and temperature.

6. A number of safety protection, comprehensive maintenance of equipment safety and efficient operation.

7. Can withstand continuous use in busy hospitals and nursing homes.


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Parameters QPQ160 QPQ190 QPQ190P
Power 220V 5kW 220V 5kW 220V 5kW
Screen size 8.8inch 8.8inch 8.8inch
Standard program 30 30 30
Self-defined program 120 120 120
Pump flow 0-400L/MIN 0-500L/MIN 0-500L/MIN
printer interface Yes
Drying system Box drying No Injection drying
Air heating power 0. 5kW 3kW 3kW
Black box system one layer two layer two layer
Cleaning basket layer Yes Yes Yes
Intelligent switch door Yes Yes Yes
3 level permissions
Cleaning basket identification
Pipeline Pressure Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Fingerprint identification system
SD card store system Yes
Cleaning chamber volume 158L 185L 185L
External diameter:mm(LxWxH) 640x726x778 670x691x940 670x691x940