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Retort Plus Canning Vertical Small Retort Machine In Food Industry

Vertical Autoclave is a small food sterilization machine that is suitable for sterilization of canned/bottle/vacuum bag packaging food. It is also a small sterilizer sterilization machine for food factories/stores.

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Small Retort Machine In Food Industry Features:

The small retort machine is perfect for small-scale food sterilization requirement of small food factory, food shop. The retort machine is the ideal equipment for sterility testing in food research institutes. Suitable for food packaging, utensils, instruments and other items of sterilization.


1. Stainless steel material, radial self-expanding sealing ring.

2. Spring cover structure, the cover is equipped with pneumatic spring rod, so that the cover is very convenient to open. The open cover automatically springs up, and the upper cover is equipped with high temperature and anti-hot protection structure.

3. Intelligent touch LCD screen, large screen intuitive display sterilization process, display equipment running status.

4. Microcomputer self-defined program setting to meet different sterilization needs

5. Pressure safety interlocking device, the upper cover cannot be opened under pressure

6. Water shortage automatic water replenishment function, water replenishment is completed, automatically restore heating.

7. With sound and light alarm system, water shortage, sterilization end beep prompt

small retort machine,retort machine in food industry,canning retort machine


8. Overtemperature automatic control and safety valve overpressure self-relief double protection

9. Ultra-quiet design, equipped with exhaust gas treatment system, steam internal circulation

10. Automatic discharge of cold air in the process of sterilization, automatic exhaust or manual exhaust for choice at the end of sterilization

11. Real-time printing function to record sterilization process data

12. Immersion electric heating tube, high thermal efficiency.

13. Universal caster with brake, easy to shift and orientation.

14. The backpressure and spray device can effectively prevent the swelling of the package and the role of rapid cooling


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Steam Retort For Food Factory/Shop

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Model Retort-100 plus
Capacity 100L
Electric Supply 220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz
Filling water pressure ≥0.22Mpa
Temperature range 105℃~134℃
Release pressure 0.23MPa
Size: φ388×780
Air Input ≥ 0.18MPa and ≤0.20MPa