What is Class S, Class B, Class N type autoclave?


Autoclaves are a critical part of effective infection control in clinics, and there are many autoclaves to choose from. If you are replacing an existing autoclave and your needs have not changed, you may be happy to purchase the same or similar autoclave. Whether you are looking to purchase your next autoclave, additional autoclave, or your first autoclave, there are several considerations.

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Autoclave Type

Class N autoclave

Class N autoclaves are the lowest grade of equipment. This type can only be used as a secondary unit. This type of sterilization process is different because it does not have a vacuum pump (found in higher grade autoclaves), so you can only sterilize instruments with robust structures within this facility. It is also not possible to sterilize hollow instruments or items in packaging. Unlike more advanced autoclaves, Class N also do not have effective drying options.

Class S autoclave

Class S autoclaves are intermediate between class N and class B autoclaves. Class S type allows sterilization of single-pack, multipack, and larger instruments that you cannot sterilize in a Class N autoclave. This type of autoclave has a vacuum pump that completely removes air from the chamber before beginning the sterilization process. However, only a single stage prevacuum is used here; It is not as effective as the vacuum used in stage B autoclaves.

Class B autoclave

Class B type autoclaves are the most advanced type of autoclave. These are used as instruments in hospitals, medical centers and dental clinics. They also meet all health epidemiological requirements. They can sterilize all types of batches, even the most complex ones. Due to fractionation prevacuum, the B-stage autoclave completely removes air from the chamber. It is considered to be the most effective and modern sterilization technique of all types of tools.

Choosing the right autoclave for a business is a major decision. Large autoclaves are expensive, but they are also essential for the sterilization of instruments and materials in medical, research, or laboratory Settings. If you are looking for an autoclave, we are here to help you, this is our business and area of expertise.

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