• liquid sterilization,sterilization equipment
  • liquid sterilization,sterilization equipment
  • liquid sterilization,sterilization equipment
  • liquid sterilization,sterilization equipment

SG Water Spray Coffee Drink liquid Sterilization Equipment

One problem in the coffee industry is maintaining freshness, taste and quality while extending shelf life. Canned coffee is the most difficult to solve because it evaporates at high temperatures. This means that coffee begins to break down chemically the moment it is brewed. The continuous rotary sterilization technique, specifically designed for medium and large canned coffee producers, helps improve the drinability of the product while maintaining its sensory quality and color.

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Water Spray Coffee Drink liquid Sterilization Equipment Features:

Liquid sterilization equipment using circulating water as the sterilization medium can achieve ideal temperature uniformity. Widely used in tin cans and glass cans of packaging products.



Working principle:

Food goes into autoclave, sterilizing water goes into the tank, spraying all food, using a circulating pump to circulate hot water, heating cycle to generate steam, to achieve the sterilization of packaged food.

At the end of the autoclave step, the sterilization system switches to cooling mode. As the process water continues to circulate through the system, some of it is diverted to the side of the plate heat exchanger. At the same time, cold water passes through the other side of the plate heat exchanger. This causes the process water in the distillery to cool in a controlled manner. Retort Autoclave’s cooling system provides an even distribution of heat to avoid product burning and overcooking.

liquid sterilization,sterilization equipment


Metal containers: tin cans, aluminum cans

Glass bottle products

Soft plastic bags


Main Features:

1. Direct heating and indirect cooling, cooling water and process water do not contact, avoid food secondary pollution.
2. High temperature sterilization for a short time.
3. The pressure of the whole production process is constantly adjusted to adapt to the changes in the pressure inside the product packaging, so that the deformation of the product packaging is minimised.
4. Process water preheating system can ensure a continuous heating process for the warm filled products.
5. Many mobile temperature sensor, which can monitor the F value of the food center, the heat distribution in the pot and the heat penetration at any time
6. Four-way nozzles with uniform and high dispersion are installed in the cabinet to achieve ideal thermal sterilization by providing the same quality in all directions and positions.
7. Optional remote monitoring system

liquid sterilization,sterilization equipment



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Model Overall Size
Chamber Size
Steam Consumption Pure Water Compressed Air(kg/cycle) Cooling Water Loading Cart(pcs) Power(kw) N.W.(kg)
SG-1.2 1820*2500*2000 1500*750*1100 80 100 2.0 2000 2 5 2150
SG-2.5 3320*2500*2000 3000*750*1100 130 200 4.0 4000 4 5 3100
SG-5 3780*3150*2250 3400*1000*1500 250 450 10.0 8500 4 8 5500
SG-13 4580*4000*2820 φ2000*4200 580 1000 25.0 9000 4 15 8500
SG-26 8580*4000*2820 φ2000*8200 1200 1500 40.0 16000 8 25 18000
SG-32 10580*4000*2820 φ2000*10200 1400 2000 45.0 20000 10 30 21000
SG-40 8740*5200*3220 φ2500*8360 1800 2500 55.0 24000 16 45 24500
SG-62 12820*5200*3220 φ2500*124400 2800 4000 90.0 40000 24 60 31000