RO Water Purification System

Water Treatment System is a multi-purpose water purification system. The system produces ultrapure water and pure water from tap water. It is a completely integrated set of reverse osmotic water treatment system, which is specially designed and verified to meet the requirements of cleaning sterilizer and steam sterilizer used in sterile service facilities.
The water treatment system is a manufacturing apparatus that combines the necessary characteristics of a particular problem associated with water quality. The processing process is usually accomplished by using high quality reverse osmosis membrane, which serves as a barrier within the system and separating the pollutants with product water. In order to improve efficiency, the user should determine a clear processing requirement to determine the correct water treatment system suitable for its application.
The most common problems in the water treatment industry usually expands around the following questions:
1. High TDS in seawater, slightly salty water, tap water, well water treatment
2. Microbial / bacteria / virus level rises
3. Highly chemical substances
4. Sea water contains a large amount of salt
5. Remove water hardness
6. Other pollutants that require depth processing

Commercial water filtration systems are designed for commercial applications such as food and beverage production, hospital water treatment. We offer a variety of reverse osmosis and water treatment systems to meet your industrial needs. RO / DI SYSTEM is sufficient to produce high quality water, without having to use other water treatment systems, such as reverse osmosis, as long as the TDS of untreated water is not high, water is biosafety. The role of Water Purifier Machine is to eliminate high concentrations of suspended solids and prevent turbid, thereby greatly reduce water quality.
We have enriched global experience in engineering and manufacturing, allow us to pre-design and customize water treatment and reverse osmosis systems to meet extensive customer requirements and specifications.

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