• endoscope washing sink
  • endoscope washing sink
  • endoscope washing sink

QPQ002A/B High/Low Back Stainless Steel CSSD Instrument Endoscope Washing Sink

Stainless steel endoscope washing sink workstation is a professional design of medical equipment, made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, to ensure the stability of the workstation structure and corrosion resistance. The equipment is suitable for the cleaning and disinfection of most soft and hard endoscopes and various surgical instruments, which can greatly reduce manual operation, and the whole process is simple, safe and efficient.

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Stainless Steel CSSD Instrument Endoscope Washing Sink Features:

Multi-functional endoscope washing sink workstation is a multi-functional comprehensive cleaning equipment for hospital central supply room operating room, can now surgical instruments, minimally invasive surgical instruments, hard endoscopy laboratory equipment and other medical products such as objects in the flow of operation type cleaning; the equipment has an advanced design, full-featured, fast cleaning speed and good cleaning results and other characteristics.

endoscope washing sink

1. Multi-functional cleaning workstation by the steam cleaning unit, ultrasonic cleaning unit, constant temperature soaking and drying unit combination of composition, can realize the cleaning of

the object of the initial steam cleaning, enzyme cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, washing, constant temperature soaking (boiling) on the oil, drying of six standardized processes of operation.

2. Built-in efficient and safe steam cleaning device, the highest steam pressure can produce 8Bar.

3. Humanized design of the transparent lifting shield, can provide the maximum operation of the safety protection.

4. Rich high and low backboard design to adapt to different environmental needs, special room environment, according to customer demand, design the corresponding corner square groove or platform.

endoscope washing sink

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Model QPQ002A QPQ002B
Size L4950×D720×H850/2100 Water Purifier
First Cleaning,enzyme Cleaning, secondary Cleaning
tank size (mm)
L600×D500×H300,Integrated mechanical stretching Sink
Irrigator Optional
Electronic drainage Standard
Stainless steel back plate Low Back/ Standard
Cleaning light source Water Purifier High Back
Power socket Water Purifier Standard
Steam cleaner Standard(Optional)
Steam shield Standard, Lifting function
Steam absorber Standard
Ultrasonic cleanner Standard Clamshell singe frequency ,MOX-100L Ultrasonic cleaner: embedded, 100L(optional three-frequency ultrasonic or lifting)
Thermostatic Soaker Machine Standard liftingJMQX-100HW constant temperature soaking machine, embedded, 100L
Faucet Standard, First Cleaning s pull-out wash and spray other is Double temperature faucet
Cleaning gun Standard, two water guns, one air gun
Main material 304 stainless steel (optional 316 stainless steel)