• autoclave with shredder,dental waste disposal,autoclave for dental clinic
  • autoclave with shredder,dental waste disposal,autoclave for dental clinic

WRAS Dental Waste Autoclave With Shredder For Small Cinics And Dental Office

Dental waste has certain particularity, including not only waste such as cotton balls and gauze contaminated by patients with blood and body fluids and expired liquids and medicines, but also some special oral tools and wastes, such as oral mirrors, tweezers, dental drills, sand and stone, molding materials, silver amalgam, extracted teeth, etc., due to its small size and special form. Some medical waste is easy to be taken away by patients, while ignoring its strong infectivity and pollution.

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Dental Waste Autoclave With Shredder For Small Cinics And Dental Office Description:

Different methods are adopted to deal with different oral medical waste. The general treatment method is to destroy the shape of the medical waste after harmless treatment, and then landfill.

The system consists of a shredding and a sterilization unit. Disposal of medical waste should ensure the safety of people, animals and the environment. Because it is dangerous, it needs to be sterilized and shredding.

To cut various hard solids into strips or pieces ready for further processing. Shredding can safely dispose of clinical waste. In addition, it saves a lot of total processing and storage costs. It can effectively treat medical waste by significantly reducing volume. Make waste unidentifiable, unusable and harmless, minimizing or preferably eliminating all hazards.

For medical waste to be disposed of, autoclaves are used as heat treatment units to destroy microorganisms prior to conventional landfill disposal or further treatment. An autoclave is a batch process, not a continuous process.The autoclave with shredder, the shredding and sterilization integration, is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized clinics.

autoclave with shredder,dental waste disposal,autoclave for dental clinic

Autoclave With Shredder For Small Cinics Features:

1. Vacuum drying

Effective vacuum drying is caused by the extraction of air from the atmosphere by powerful ejectors and vacuum destroyers. After filtration, preheating (sterilization) into the working chamber for effective drying.

2. Shred

The powerful shredding/shredding blade can be rotated in both directions, reducing the volume of waste to 15%. Systems with shredders reduce waste volumes and extend the life of sanitary landfills.

3. Waste bin

At the end of the cycle, sterilized waste is dropped and collected in the trolley.

4. Chamber

Made of stainless steel, shredding and sterilization procedures are separated.


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Model WRAS-30
 Shredder Part  Sterilizer Part
 Motor Power  1.5 KW  Heating Power  3 KW
 Chamber Size  326x216x165  Sterilization Temperature  +5-126℃ Optional
 Rotor-Knives Dia.  Φ176 mm  Heat Preservation Time  1-99.59 min/h
 Rotor-Knives Thickness  15 mm  Temperature Difference Inside  < 1 ℃
 Shaft Speed 22 Rpm  Chamber Size  Ø 388 x 400
 Rotor-knives Number  14 Pcs  Chamber Volume  30 L
 Suggest Material Feeding Size  250×250 mm  Sterilization pressure  ≤ 0.17 Mpa
 Auto Reverse To Clear The Jammed Material  Yes  Microbial Inactivation  99.99%
 Output Flakes Size  < 30 mm  Process:  Sterilization prior to Shredding
 Whole Machine
 Machine Size  1290x756x1215 mm
 Machine Weight  650 KG
 Working Voltage  220V/50Hz/1 Phase or Customized