Is there a difference between pure steam and clean steam?


Pure steam and clean steam, both are direct impact steam produced by specialized steam generators.

Expressions of pure steam and clean steam are used repeatedly in operating procedures. They do have some similar factors. Still, pure steam is not the same as clean steam.


pure steam, clean steam,steam generator
In the food, electronics and pharmaceutical industries, high quality steam is essential. To meet this requirement, the ideal state is to remove all condensation and impurities from the steam. The goal of steam production is to get as close to the ideal as possible for each particular application.


Since steam needs to be obtained by the evaporation of water, one would assume that steam produced by distilled or purified water must be clean. But the process is not simple. Clean steam must be produced in a high quality environment and its quality must be ensured during transportation and application. Pure steam is even more demanding. Clean steam is purer than conventional steam, but pure steam is produced under stricter regulations and has the best purity.


Pure steam is similar to clean steam, however, the resulting condensate must meet USP-grade Water for Injection (WFI) standards and be free of bacteria or pyrogen.


pure steam, clean steam,steam generator

Pure steam must be produced by a pure steam generator. The main application direction is disinfection and experiment of medical supplies. Because some medical instruments on disinfection and sterilization requirements will be higher, to achieve the accuracy of clean steam can not be achieved, this time taking into account the accuracy of disinfection, safety, environmental protection and batch sex only with pure steam to meet the requirements.


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