What is the difference between pure steam and industrial steam?


Steam has a strong sterilization ability, can be used in various industries of production disinfection, the use of steam disinfection effect is good, high efficiency.

pure steam,industrial steam

Industrial steam

Steam is an important public works in industry, mainly providing heat source for temperature control of process equipment. Industrial steam is less clean, does not require sterilization, and is used for conventional heating in production.

Pure steam

Pure steam is made by heating specific purified water in a specialized steam generator to produce high quality steam that does not contain any chemicals or additives.

This is a pollution-free high quality steam, mainly used in aseptic production, drug production and sterilization.


Steam is widely used in various industries. Steam quality directly affects the production capacity and production cost of enterprises. Improving steam quality is an important basis to maintain the safe and economic operation of thermal equipment.

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