• boiling machine, boiling tank
  • boiling machine, boiling tank

UW-80B/100B/120B Electric Lift/Manual Medical Instrument Boiling Machine Boiling Tank

Medical boiling tank, set transistor, integrated circuit, microprocessor, protection circuit and digital display technology in one, with excellent work efficiency and simple operation experience, has become an indispensable instrument disinfection tool in hospital disinfection supply room, operating room and other departments.

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Electric Lift/Manual Medical Instrument Boiling Machine Boiling Tank Features:

Medical boiling tank using transistors, integrated circuits, microprocessors, protection circuits and digital display composition, the product has a high knot work efficiency, easy to operate, widely used in hospital sterilization supply rooms, operating rooms and other departments that require instrument sterilization. It is widely used in hospital sterilization supply rooms, operating rooms and other departments that need to disinfect instruments. It can heat soak disinfection/moisture heat disinfection for cleaned medical devices, instruments and medical articles; the new product is designed with humanized automatic lifting of the soaking frame, which makes the operation and use more convenient.

boiling machine, boiling tank

1. Made of excellent corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, reliable and durable;

2. A0 value setting function, through the relationship between temperature / time to quantify the killing effect of thermal disinfection;

3. Soaking times display, convenient to manage the frequency of use of soaking liquid;

4. Built-in electric heating cycle, fast warming, uniform water temperature;

5. Two stages of water level automatic water intake selection, can be adjusted according to different immersion amount;

6. Time/temperature/fueling/times, simple and convenient operation;

7. Automatic lifting of the frame, no need to touch the soaking liquid with both hands;

8. Drawer type basket, reduce the operation labor intensity;

9. Flip window design, easy to view and adjust the soaking objects.


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Product model UW-80B UW-100B UW-120B
Machine size 750x720x850mm 850x720x850mm 950x720x850mm
Cleaning capacity 600x450x350mm 700x450x350mm 800x450x350mm
Inner groove size 80 L 100 L 120 L
Basket Size (540X400x135) mmx2 (640x400x135) mmx2 (740X400x135) mmx2
Basket Size (540X400x135) mmx2 (640x400x135) mmx2 (740X400x135) mmx2
Heating power 6.0KW 9.0KW 9.0KW
Total Power 6.5KW 9.5KW 9.5KW
Time Range 0~99
Temperature Control Range 20~95℃
Electronic flooding Standard
Automatic Water Standard
Electronic Drainage Standard
Water level selection Two(1/1, 1/2)
Opening Mode Automatic Lifting + Manual Flip
Power Supply AC/380V TN-S
Weight 70KG 85KG 100KG