• hot air oven, drying cabinets,air dry oven
  • hot air oven, drying cabinets,air dry oven

DG100A/400A/360A/520A Endoscope Hot Air Oven Drying Cabinets Air Dry Oven

This is a high-capacity medical drying equipment used to dry surgical instruments, glassware, respiratory treatment items. The operation is simple and flexible, the drying temperature range is 40℃~90℃, and the drying time range is 1min~999min, which can be set freely according to the needs of the user. The device has various specifications and is suitable for different departments in the hospital.

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Endoscope Hot Air Oven Drying Cabinets Air Dry Oven Features:

Dry Thoroughly

The product can be fully dried after cleaning, and there is no residue after drying. For hard endoscopes, breathing tubes, anesthesia tubes and other internal instruments that are not easy to dry, there are special components that can be fully dried inside to ensure thorough drying;


Intelligent Operation

A variety of drying methods can be selected to meet the drying needs of different instruments in the hospital;

The operation procedure adopts intelligent software, LCD screen, built-in different procedures for different equipment Settings, each running parameter can be adjusted, the operation is flexible and convenient.

Fully automatic control and one-click operation during operation;


Safe and Reliable

It has various safety devices such as overtemperature protection, fan operation detection, fan delay shutdown, leakage circuit breaker of main power supply, etc.


Reasonable Structure

The whole adopts 304 high-quality stainless steel, with thermal insulation interlayer, effectively prevent heat loss; The door has a glass window to observe the internal work at any time.

hot air oven, drying cabinets,air dry oven

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Product model DG100A DG400A DG360A DG520A
Dimensional(mm) 665x588x727 715x702x2060 975x465x2245 975x650x2245
Volume 100L 400L 360L 520L
Power AC220V,50Hz AC380 50Hz, 3 phase
Max input voltage 2.2kVA 6kVA 9kVA 9kVA
Heating way Electric heating
Working 10~ 150degree
Shelf quantity 2 6 9 9
The number of baskets 2pcs 12pcs (42 breathing tubes) 9pcs (36 breathing tubes) 18pcs(64breathing tubes)