EO-2.0 ETO Sterilizer Ethylene Oxide EO Gas Sterilization Machine

EO sterilizer is a equipment that uses ethylene oxide mixed gas to sterilize, which has the characteristics of strong penetration, high efficiency and broad spectrum sterilization. It is widely used in sterilization of medical devices, pharmaceutical products and laboratory equipment. Ethylene oxide sterilizers play an important role in ensuring that medical and pharmaceutical products are sterile. Its advantages of high efficiency, low temperature and strong penetration make it the preferred sterilization method for many applications.

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EO-2.0 ETO Sterilizer Operating Principle

The working process of the sterilizer is to first heat the sterilizing chamber to the preheating temperature, and then exhaust the sterilizing chamber to -60KPa.

After the vacuum leakage rate test is completed, humidify after the test is passed.

After adjusting the wetting stage, the humidity reaches 55% RH.

Fill a certain amount of ethylene oxide sterilizer, continue to heat the sterilizer, and heat in the sterilization room to the appropriate temperature of 50℃.

The clock works, the sterilization begins, and the entire sterilization process is kept at a constant temperature.

At this stage, items in the sterilization room are fumigated and sterilized. When the time comes, the sterilization room is ventilated, that is, the filtered clean air is used to replace the residual gas left in the sterilization room.

Repeated ventilation to discharge residual gas, residual gas through the waste gas treatment system.


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Operating interface


EO-2.0 EO Gas Sterilization Machine Working Mechanism


1.Alkylation: The mechanism by which ethylene oxide kills various microorganisms, mainly alkylation, acting parts are sulfhydryl (-SH), carboxylic (-COOH), amino (-NH3) and hydroxyl (-OH) in protein and nucleic acid molecules. Ethylene oxide can cause alkylation of these groups, inactivating microorganisms and other biological macromolecules, thus killing microorganisms.


2.Inhibition of biological enzyme activity: ethylene oxide can inhibit the activity of a variety of microbial enzymes, such as phosphate dehydrogenase, cholinesterase and other oxidase activities, hinder the completion of the normal metabolic process of microorganisms, resulting in microbial death.


3.Microbicide: ethylene oxide liquid and gas have a strong microbicide effect. On the contrary, gas is more effective in killing microorganisms. The gas is generally used for disinfection and sterilization.

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EO Gas Sterilizer Operating procedure

1. Keep the sterilization room clean.2, sterilized items are best installed in the sterilization room 80% of the space.
3. Open the door of the sterilization room after the machine is turned on, load the items to be sterilized in the sterilization room, and then close the sterilization room door.
4. Check whether the dosing, drainage and watering pipes are firm, whether the dosing valve is closed, and whether the water source is opened. Then select the “automatic” button, and the machine enters the working state of setting common sterilization procedures.
5, the equipment automatically adds water for 10 minutes (this time can be set freely), and then enter the preheating stage.
6. After the temperature of the sterilization room reaches the set value, the machine automatically enters the vacuum state. When the vacuum pressure reaches the set value, please open the bottle knob, slowly enter the medicine, wait for the dosing alarm to eliminate, immediately close the dosing valve.
7. At this time, the sterilization time begins to count down. When the set sterilization time runs to 0.00, the machine automatically enters the residual gas discharge state. When the remaining gas is removed, the device sends an alarm indicating that the sterilization is complete. : 00, the number of exhaustion is displayed as 0, showing the actual value of temperature, humidity and pressure to complete the entire sterilization process.
8, after all the work is completed, turn off the power and water to complete the entire sterilization process.


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Model Sterilization room size rated power Working pressure Operating temperature Working humidity Sterilization time
EO-2.0 2030×900×1100 9.5kVA 0kPa~ -60kPa 30℃~60℃  45%RH~80%RH 1h~99h