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EO E.O.Gas Sterilizer Cosmetic Empty PP/PE/PET/PS Packaging Plastic Bottle Sterilizer

From medical devices to pharmaceuticals, from cosmetics to food and beverage containers, the sterility requirements of packaging are both unique and complex. The choice of sterilization technology must consider product design, materials, product packaging and final packaging. To achieve your sterility goals, you may need to use ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization techniques.

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E.O.Gas Sterilizer Plastic Bottle Sterilizer Description:

Packaging materials need to be strictly sterilized and sterilized before use to eliminate the risk of contamination to finished products. Unsanitary packaging materials (drums, bottles, LIDS) will cause microbial contamination of cosmetics, which need to be sterilized before being put into use. Specific packaging is one of the measures to maintain the quality of cosmetics.

Packaging material is the container that holds and carries cosmetics. Its main role is not only the container for the transportation and storage of cosmetics, but more importantly, to ensure the safety, effectiveness and stability of cosmetics within the validity period. Cosmetics packaging has strict requirements for microbial limit, so you need to use eo gas sterilization sterilization processing.

Gas sterilizer is a special device for sterilizing a enclosed article in a sterilization room at low temperature by using a mixture of pure ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide gas at certain temperature, pressure, humidity and for a fixed time period. Ethylene oxide gas is a chemical disinfectant with strong activity, which can not only achieve broad spectrum sterilization, but also achieve reliable sterilization effect.

gas sterilizer,eo gas sterilization,low temperature sterilization,plastic bottle sterilizer,packaging sterilization

E.O.Gas Sterilizer Plastic Bottle Sterilizer Features:

Gas low temperature sterilization and sterilization penetration than liquid epoxy ethane, not only can penetrate plastic bag packaging, all kinds of paper, cotton fabrics can also be through the sterilization.

Epoxy ethane packaging sterilization advantage is:

1. It can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial spores.

2. Sterilized items can be wrapped and packaged as a whole, and can be kept in a sterile state before use.

3. Relatively speaking, EO does not corrode plastic, metal and rubber, and will not make items yellow and brittle.

4. It can penetrate irregular items and sterilize them.

5. It can be used to sterilize articles that cannot be sterilized by disinfectant immersion, dry heat, pressure, steam and other chemical gases.

gas sterilizer,eo gas sterilization,low temperature sterilization,plastic bottle sterilizer,packaging sterilization
EO gas plastic bottle sterilizer process:

1. Place the item in the sterilizer (lock the door and ensure that it cannot be opened by others).

2. Temperature adjustment: It takes about 1 to 2 hours to adjust the temperature to the required 50ºC.

3. Pre-vacuumizing: vacuumizing the air in the sterilizer takes about 6-30 minutes.

4. Air pressure maintenance test: check the sealing of the sterilizer to ensure that there is no gas leakage.

5. Pre-humidification: It takes 1-1.5 hours to pre-humidify the sterilized articles to 55%RH.

6. Inject EO gas into the chamber: 20-30 minutes

7. EO sterilization: Ensure that each condition is unchanged and keep for 4-8 hours.

8. End of sterilization: remove residual EO gas. Vacuum 60 Kpa. Blow into it and repeat at least 3 times. It takes about an hour.

9. Unlock and open the door and pull the cart out of the sterilizer.

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Model Volume Chamber size Equipment size Power Gas Consumption
EO-3.0 3CBM 220×100×143CM 245×170×226CM 14KW 3-3.6kg / time
EO-6.0 6 CBM 335×120×150 CM 355×190×226 CM 29KW 6-7.2kg / time
EO-10 10CBM 560×120×150 CM 600×190×226 CM 35KW 10-12kg / time
EO-20 20CBM 1132×120×150 CM 1150×190×226 CM 60KW 20-24kg / time