• ethylene oxide sterilization for medical devices,eto sterilization machine,eto sterilization

EO Plus Ethylene Oxide Sterilization For Medical Devices Pacemaker/Artificial Heart/Dialyzer/Aspirator

Ethylene oxide does not damage the sterilized items, and the penetration is very strong, so most items that are not suitable for sterilization by general methods can be sterilized and sterilized by ethylene oxide. For example, electronic instruments, optical instruments, medical instruments, household aluminum doors and Windows, books, documents, fur, cotton, chemical fiber, plastic products, wood products, ceramic and metal products, endoscopes, dialyzers and disposable therapeutic supplies. Ethylene oxide is one of the most important low temperature sterilization methods.

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Ethylene Oxide Sterilization For Medical Devices Features:

ethylene oxide sterilization for medical devices,eto sterilization machine,eto sterilization

1. Industrial control computer +SIEMENS PLC control to achieve automatic control of sterilization process, stable and reliable operation;

2. With a number of real-time monitoring devices, improve the type of fault judgment, automatic alarm and automatic safety protection, safer use;

3. The sterilizer monitoring and management system can provide multi-level account management, achieve different permissions for different personnel, and have operation logs;

4. The computer interface and all documents are in Chinese and English;

5. Display and print the data monitored and recorded in the sterilization process in the form of reports and trend charts, and the sterilization process parameters are permanently stored;

6. Efficient heating system: hexahedral hot water circulation heating; It can be designed to heat the whole water area, shorten the heating time, achieve the best temperature uniformity, and can also increase the cooling system to quickly reach the required low temperature;

7. Efficient pre-vacuum system: Multiple vacuum system options are available: water ring vacuum pump, oil-free rotary vacuum pump, Leybold pump + water ring vacuum pump.


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Model Outer Size(L×W×H)
Volume of inner container: 1,3, 6, 10, 15, 20……..100m3
Chamber material Inner chamber and outchamber,and all pipes directly connect with EO gas and steam are stainless steel
Sterilizing temperature 20-100℃
Sterilizing pressure -90~+80Kpa
EO concentration 250~200mg/L
Pre-Vacuum -90Kpa(vacuum can be done sectionalized)
Sterilizing time 3~24 hours choosable
Heating Maximum Power 54KVA
Power source 3-phase,5-wire 380V 50Hz


EO plus with automatic conveyor: