Microwave Dryer& Sterilizer

Microwave is a high frequency electromagnetic wave. Under the action of electromagnetic field, the orientation of polar molecules in the material changes at super high speed, resulting in violent motion and mutual friction of molecules. Produce heat, so that the temperature of food quickly rise, water evaporation, to achieve the purpose of drying.

Microwave sterilizer is realized by thermal effect and non-thermal effect and has the characteristics of low temperature and short time. The conventional method requires a sterilization temperature of 120°C-130°C, the time is about 1 hour, while the microwave food dryer only needs 70C-90°C, the time is about 3 minutes.


1. microwave can penetrate food, while affecting its inside and outside, drying speed is fast, drying time is short, heat evenly, product quality is good.

2. thermal effect and non-thermal effect of sterilization, with low temperature, fast speed. Maximize flavor and nutrients.

3. microwave directly on food, almost no other heat loss, high thermal efficiency, than far infrared heating 1/3 energy saving.

4. small footprint, labor saving. No thermal radiation, the working conditions are greatly improved.

5. by adjusting the microwave power to achieve that the heat stop, no thermal inertia, easy to control, easy to automatic continuous production.

Microwave food Autoclave is suitable for drying all kinds of food. We can customize food processing machines according to your raw materials:

* All kinds of nuts: peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts and so on

* All kinds of preserved fruit: dates, etc

* All kinds of meat: shrimp, fish, beef, etc.

* Secondary drying of various mushrooms.

All kinds of seasonings: cumin powder, chili powder, pepper and so on

* All kinds of health food: cocoa powder, gluten, pueraria powder, konjac powder, etc.

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