Moist Heat Sterilization Autoclave

Wet heat is used in the heating and cooling of circulating water through an external heat exchanger energy channel using industrial steam or cooling water. Large flow of circulating water as sterilization medium can make large sterilization equipment to obtain ideal temperature uniformity.

Moist Heat Autoclave is a steam and air hybrid steam sterilizer designed specifically for sterilization of food. These Moist Heat Steam devices have high technical performance, GMP design and meet applicable European standards: PED, CE mark, etc. They have a compact modular construction that enables quick installation and debugging.


1. Wet heat has better penetration and can reduce the number of organisms more quickly at a given temperature.

2. Steam sterilization is non-toxic, cheap, fast microbiological and spore killing. It quickly heats and penetrates the fabric

3. The product has a longer shelf life and is the most economical sterilization method.

Food Autoclave application scope:

Metal containers: tin boxes, aluminum cans,

Glass container flexible packaging: aluminum foil bag, high temperature bag, vacuum bag, transparent bag

Plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle

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