• food preservation autoclave,autoclave for canning,water bath sterilization 
  • food preservation autoclave,autoclave for canning,water bath sterilization 
  • food preservation autoclave,autoclave for canning,water bath sterilization 

SG Food Preservation Autoclave For Canning Water Bath Sterilization

As a popular food, canned food is often used for cooking or snacks, which brings convenience to life and tastes good. But it often happens that some cans are safe to eat. Can storage technology is one of the most effective methods of food preservation technology, and at present the market is full of beautiful things in sight, a wide variety of canned food, but the effective sterilization of canned products is a thorny matter.

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Food Preservation Autoclave For Canning Water Bath Sterilization Features:

The water bath sterilization is an important part of food production and processing. Through sterilization can effectively prevent food from pests, mold, bacteria and other microorganisms, destroy the enzymes in the food, so that the food will not deteriorate after storage for more than two years.


Through the nozzles installed on both sides or the top of the sterilization pot, wave after wave of hot water is sprayed to the surface of the food, so that not only the temperature is uniform without dead angle, but also the heating and cooling speed is fast, so that the product can be sterilized comprehensively, quickly and stably.


1. Adopt hot water sterilization medium, heating temperature and sterilizing the articles by spraying water, so that the forced convection of spray water, forming a strong perturbation uniform convergence temperature field, so that the sterilization temperature is uniform, improving the quality of sterilization, sterilization time, and can avoid the phenomenon of contamination of I.V. solution caused by unclean cooling water in the process of cooling after sterilization.

2. After sterilization, it adopts indirect and uniform cooling with circulating water to ensure that the phenomenon of bottle (bag) explosion does not occur, and it can realize uniform sterilization at a lower temperature.

food preservation autoclave,autoclave for canning,water bath sterilization 

Optional remote monitoring system

The sterilizer has wireless communication function, which can be connected to the remote monitoring end through terminal routing, and the data can be directly monitored in real time via WiFi or 4G/5G network to realize remote monitoring of sterilization status, temperature, sandwich pressure, F0 value, front and back door status and other information. With high precision and high acquisition rate, the sterilization environment can be monitored 24/7, improving the operational efficiency of sterilization.
If the temperature, pressure and time data are abnormal and do not meet the pressure steam sterilization requirements, the operator can see the abnormal information on the platform.

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Model Overall Size
Chamber Size
Steam Consumption Pure Water Compressed Air(kg/cycle) Cooling Water Loading Cart(pcs) Power(kw) N.W. (kg)
SG-1.2 1820*2500*2000 1500*750*1100 80 100 2.0 2000 2 5 2150
SG-2.5 3320*2500*2000 3000*750*1100 130 200 4.0 4000 4 5 3100
SG-5 3780*3150*2250 3400*1000*1500 250 450 10.0 8500 4 8 5500
SG-13 4580*4000*2820 φ2000*4200 580 1000 25.0 9000 4 15 8500
SG-26 8580*4000*2820 φ2000*8200 1200 1500 40.0 16000 8 25 18000
SG-32 10580*4000*2820 φ2000*10200 1400 2000 45.0 20000 10 30 21000
SG-40 8740*5200*3220 φ2500*8360 1800 2500 55.0 24000 16 45 24500
SG-62 12820*5200*3220 φ2500*124400 2800 4000 90.0 40000 24 60 31000