Spices Food Processing Machine

Some of the process equipment we offer is used in the different stages of spice processing: grainder and sterilization.

Spice Grainder

The spices are crushed in a grinder or ground in one go with a modern screen non-impact grinder to obtain the powder. The powdered spices are then sifted for an even mesh.

These crushing devices can meet the requirements of automation, high efficiency and low cost, and can be directly crushed from materials with large diameters to relatively small materials to meet the crushing of different materials.

Food Sterilizer

Food sterilizers include steam sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization and immersion sterilization.

During food processing, these sterilization methods help to maintain the original quality and taste of the food. Food processors can significantly extend the shelf life of food. This helps reduce food waste and production costs, while ensuring that consumers have access to safe, high-quality food.

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