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PNSS Hospital Gauze/Fiberglass Shredder Orthopedic Cast Medical Supply Disposal

This shredder machine is a large medical waste crusher. Designed for crushing medical waste. The blade is made of imported high-strength alloy steel with very strong wear resistance. The crushed material is controlled by the size of the screen, and the discharge is uniform. Please leave your request, the machine can be customized for you.

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Medical gypsum is mainly used for fracture fixation to promote fracture healing. When a fracture occurs, the doctor will fix the injured part of the patient to avoid its movement, so as to achieve the purpose of fracture recovery and healing. In addition, medical gypsum can also be used for muscle strain, sprain and other parts of the fixation.

So what do you do with used plaster?

We recommend this shredder for the efficient disposal of large quantities of gypsum waste. The gypsum waste goes through the feed system into the crushing tank. The material is broken into small pieces through the combined action of tearing, extrusion and shearing of the crushing blade, and discharged from the lower part of the box. Its large capacity of the feed port, there will be no gypsum waste too long stuck situation,hospital shredder has two knife shafts can effectively break glass fiber and gauze casting materials. After shredding the material can be directly recycled or further refined according to requirements.


Gauze/Fiberglass Shredder Orthopedic Cast Medical Supply Disposal Features:

1. Dual-shaft shredder has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, low noise and so on

2. The crusher can be equipped with conveying and feeding equipment.

3. It is equipped with safe electrical protection and has the function of blocked automatic reversal, which can effectively prevent equipment damage caused by accidental failure.

4. Can greatly reduce the volume of the material, can be continuous feeding, can also be intermittent feeding.

5. Optional closed feed port to prevent dust overflow.

6. Optional pickup truck, convenient for waste cleaning and transfer.

7. Capacity: 600-800kgs/day

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Model Shredder Motor Power Shredding Chamber Size
PNSS-300 5.5 510×300
PNSS-400 7.5 510×400
PNSS-600 7.5+7.5 510×600
PNSS-800 11+11 600×800
PNSS-1000 18.5+18.5 800×1000
PNSS-1200 30+30/22+22 1000×1200
PNSS-1400 45+45 1400×1200
PNSS-1600 55+55 1600×1200
PNSS-1800 75+75 1800×1400
PNSS-2000 90+90 2000×1400