The sterilization process for processing the glassware is divided into three steps from cleaning, dressing, sterilization. With physical and chemical methods, the dirt attached to the glassware is removed to achieve the purpose of the cleaning vessel. Before sterilization, you need to tie the kraft paper or newspaper, because they are better in breathable, and can prevent microorganisms in the air to contact the glassware, so they have wrapped the glassware, and steam can pass through the paper when sterilized. After the microorganisms on the dead glassware, after sterilization, it can prevent microorganisms from the air to contaminate the glassware glassware and wrap the glassware glassware, and placed in a steam sterilizer to perform high temperature and high pressure. The sterilized temperature can be completely sterilized at a temperature of 121 ° C. Steam is more thermally conductive than hot air, and the steam is condensed, and the temperature is raised when the steam is sterilized, and the heat of wet heat is larger than the dry heat, which can make deep sterilization effect. Moreover, the steam system is simple, and the price is far less low.