• gmp washing machine,gmp washer,cleaning system
  • gmp washing machine,gmp washer,cleaning system

QPQ-460/688/1210GMP GMP Washing Machines Cleaning System For Pharmaceutical Production

GMP washing machine is a high-end intelligent cleaning equipment designed for laboratory and medical environments, combining efficiency, safety and precision technology. These washers remove residual active pharmaceutical ingredients, detergents, lubricants and other contaminants to prevent cross-contamination and ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals. They are an integral part of the implementation of GMP standards and are critical equipment for maintaining the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical production.

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GMP Washing Machines Cleaning System Features:

Perspective observation: Hollow tempered glass door, sealed observation and investigation.

Double-door isolation: contaminated area for cleaning, clean area for taking, ensuring no cross contamination.

Safety first: equipped with emergency stop button, quick response to emergency situations.

Intelligent lifting: one-key automated loading and unloading, saving time and labour.



Top grade stainless steel: 316L inner liner and 304 outer shell, corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

Ultra-fine polishing: RA < 0.4um, the bottom compartment has a very high degree of finish and reduces residue.

Medical grade contact materials: silicone rubber, PTFE, safe and non-toxic.


Intelligent Control

Siemens S7-1200 system: 7-inch colour touch screen, preset & customized programs at your fingertips.

LIMS compatibility: direct data transmission, handshake agreement to ensure information security.

Preventive Maintenance: Built-in diagnostics, active fault identification.

gmp washing machine,gmp washer,cleaning system

Cycle Optimization

High-efficiency pump body: AISI316L circulation pump, Ra<0.6um polished to prevent residue.

Slow Start Technology: Slow start of the pump to protect the apparatus from shock.

Precise Dosing: Multi-channel peristaltic pump, intelligent monitoring of liquid level.


Precision Pipework

Customized basket rack: customized as required, worry-free cleaning.

Efficient Drainage: single/double channel, completely empties each cycle.

Multi-monitoring: pressure, speed, flow rate comprehensive monitoring, to ensure the quality of cleaning.


Powerful Drying

Compressed air drying: directly to the interior of the appliance, efficient dehumidification.

Comprehensive protection: multi-level over-temperature protection, waterproof leakage memory recovery.


Cleaning Verification

ISO9001 certified: Rigorous quality system, compliant with FDA and GMP standards.

Calibration & Verification: IQ/OQ/PQ provided to ensure stable performance.

Data tracking: Print/USB storage, PDF record, conductivity detection, authority management.


GMP washing machine, a one-stop solution for your cleanliness needs.

gmp washing machine,gmp washer,cleaning system


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Type of Cleaning Shape and Volume QPQ-460GMP QPQ-688GMP QPQ- 1210GMP
1L Blue Cap Bottle H:225mm,φ:100mm 48 80 126
10L Blue Cap Bottle H:415mm,φ:230mm 5 9 16
20L Blue Cap Botle H:510mm,φ:300mm 2 4 9
10L Vigorously Bottle H:435mm,φ:230mm 5 9 16
15L Vigorously Bottle H:535mm,φ:240mm 5 6 12
20L Vigorously Bottle H:510mm,φ:300mm 2 4 9
Hose De:10mm,D:8mm Actual Actual Actual
Needle Actual Actual Actual
Stainless Steel Fittings Actual Actual Actual
Technical specification QPQ-460GMP QPQ-688GMP QPQ-1210GMP
Control System Simens S7-1200 Simens S7- 1200 Simens S7- 1200
Display Screen 7 inch 7 inch 7 inch
Standard Procedures 10 10 10
Self-defined Procedures 10 20 20
Door Opening Method single door single/double door single/double door
Circulating Pump 1 800L /min 800L /min 800L /min
Circulating Pump 2 800L/min 1200L/min
Circulating Pump with Soft Start Yes Yes Yes
Spary Am Speed Sensor Yes Yes Yes
Pipeline Pressure Sensor Display in Screen Display in Screen Display in Screen
Cleaning Data Store U Disk U Disk U Disk
Audit Trail U Disk U Disk U Disk
Authority Management Three-level Three-level Three-level
Printer Yes Yes Yes
LIMS Connect Support Handshake Protocol Support Handshake Protocol Support Handshake Protocol
Adding Cleaning Agent 2 Aisle 2 Aisle 2 Aisle
Cleaning Agent Chamber 6KG/Bucket* 2 6KG/Bucket* 2 12KG/Bucket* 2
Alarm for shortage of Cleaning Agent Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning Temperature 25~93°C 25~93°C 25~93°C
Drying Temperature 25~ 120°C 25~ 120°C 25~ 120°C
Drying Fan Power 700W/Fan 700W/Fan*2 700W/Fan*2
Hot Air Heating Power 3000W 6000W 6000W
Hot Air Circulation 270 M3H 270 M3H 345M3H
Steam Condenser Yes Yes Yes
Chamber Volume 460L 688L 1210L
Inner Dimensions(L*W*H) 680*680*1000mm 830*830*1000mm 1100*1100*1000mm
Extermal Dimensions(L*W*H) 1390*780*1990mm 1540*950*1990mm 1825*1220*1990mm