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PNMP-H Series 10-500kg/h Herb Pulverizer Cyclone Powder Grinder

Buy this Chinese herb grinder from us. It is made for grinding food grains such as wheat and beans. In addition, the product is also used to crush spices and herbs into a fine powder. This machine is a new fine crusher without sieve. Customers can obtain machines with different technical specifications according to their requirements.

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10-500kg/h Herb Pulverizer Cyclone Powder Grinder Description:

Herb pulveriser working principle:

Materials from the feeding hopper into the crushing chamber, crushed by high-speed rotating blades, adjust the distance between the grading wheel and grading disc to achieve the required fineness of the material, high-speed rotation of the wind blade to meet the requirements of the material from the crushing chamber through the negative pressure wind led to the downcomer, did not meet the requirements of the material continues to be crushed in the crushing chamber, the dust filtered through the cloth bag or filter cartridge recycling.

The herb pulverizer is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, with air-cooled, no screen and other properties, it is not subject to material viscosity, softness and hardness and fibre and other restrictions on any material can play a better crushing effect, especially for crushing with fibre Chinese herbal medicine, with a certain degree of oily materials.

herb pulverizer,powder grinder,cyclone grinder

Herb Pulverizer Cyclone Powder Grinder Features:

1. Made of stainless steel material, no dust flying in the production process.

2. Centrifugal grading device, complete crushing and grading.

3. Sorting centrifugal shear, no sieve and no net, powdery particles can be adjusted at will.

4. After the material is crushed, the discharge valve of negative pressure conveying is used to reach the requirement of products.

5. Final powder size 20 mesh-250 mesh, adjust the knife gap can be.

6. The machine is equipped with water-cooling system to reduce the working temperature, can work for a long time.


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Model PNMP-150H PNMP-300H PNMP-500H
Production capacity(kg/h) 10-150 20-300 50-500
Feeding granulrity(mm) ≤5 ≤12 ≤15
Crushing granularity(mesh) 20-250 20-250 20-250
Crushing motor(kW) 5.5 5.5 11
Dust removal motor(kw) 1.5 1.5 3
Weight(kg) 320 320 680
Dimensions(LxWxH) 1350x920x1800 1400x1050x2050 1600x1150x2100