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W-LDR Pro High Pressure Pure Steam Generator For CSSD/Pharmaceutical Industry

In order to respond quickly to the environmental changes surrounding sterilization, we have implemented technological innovations based on a technology platform of steam, disinfection, sterilization and environmental protection. Based on the pursuit of high efficiency, we have developed this pure steam generator, which meets international standards and is designed to provide you with a clean steam system that is fast, constant-temperature, and aseptic.

As a sterilizing medium, clean steam is a necessary guarantee. It mainly eliminates the secondary contamination of instruments, reduces the damage of instruments and prolongs their service life.

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High Pressure Pure Steam Generator For CSSD/Pharmaceutical Industry Features:

1. The furnace body and heat exchange system are made of stainless steel and are internally polished to ensure steam cleanliness.

2. The control system can automatically control the air intake volume of industrial steam according to the demand for steam, thus achieving low loss at low load utilization.

3. Multiple chain security systems:

1) The boiler liquid level adopts three groups of liquid level control: high, medium and low to prevent the equipment from dry burning of the heat exchange tube due to water outage;

2) The boiler pressure adopts dual pressure control, the working pressure is adjustable, and the protection pressure is set to 0.5MPa. Once overpressure occurs, the industrial steam is automatically cut off from entering the heat exchange tube;

3) The set pressure of the safety valve is 0.55MPa, which is a full-open safety valve. Once the pressure is overpressured, it will automatically release the pressure.

4) The inner wall of the boiler is equipped with a temperature protection device. When the temperature of the furnace wall exceeds 155 degrees, it will automatically cut off the power supply and issue an audible and visual alarm.

4. LCD screen controls and displays operating data.

5. The water and electricity separated electric box can effectively prevent electrical short circuits or electric shock accidents under water.

6. The products have passed strict debugging before leaving the factory. The user only needs to connect the power supply and water source, and press the start button for the boiler to enter fully automatic operation.

7. status, no complicated installation required

8. Multiple units can be installed and used in parallel.

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Model W-0.1-0.5-LDR Pro W-0.2-0.5-LDR Pro
Overall Size(L*W*H) 980*720*1350mm 980*850*1650mm
Industrial steam consumption 110/220kg(pressure 0.7-1.0Mpa)
Rated Clean Steam Volume 100/200kg/h
Saturated Steam Temperature 158℃
Power 220V/50HZ
Built-in heat exchanger 316L coil
4 Set 8 Set
Rated steam pressure 0.5Mpa