• hospital bed washer,hospital disinfectant,hospital cart washer,trolley washer
  • hospital bed washer,hospital disinfectant,hospital cart washer,trolley washer

QPQ5500 Hospital Bed Washer Trolley & Cart Washer Disinfector

The use of bed cleaners can greatly reduce the rate of surgical infection, improve the rate of bed turnover, and achieve a win-win situation of improving hospital efficiency and reducing patient burden.This will improve the day-to-day work and workload of the healthcare industry.

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Hospital Bed Washer Trolley & Cart Washer Disinfector Description:

The hospital bed washer can also handle large items such as hospital beds, storage carts, sterile containers and operating tables.

The combination of hospital disinfectant’s high-flow recirculation pump and high-speed blower for forced air drying provides a high-performance cleaning and disinfection treatment for washing machines with short cycle times ensuring high throughput.

Hospital Bed Washer Trolley & Cart Washer Disinfector Features:

The door

1.Double door structure, automatic translation, distinguish clean area and unclean area, to reduce cross contamination.

2. Automatic bridging function can reduce the gap, and the car can enter the inner cabin without obstacles.

Inner compartment

1. The cabin body, cleaning rack and outer cover are made of mechanical and thermal resistant materials.

2. The spacious inner washing room provides ample space for all common types of hospital beds and trolleys.

3. Inclined cleaning rack to eliminate water in cleaning items

Piping system

1. Two-stage system ensures that all sides of sterilized items are cleaned with high-pressure hot water spray.

2. Powerful circulating pump can ensure sufficient circulation of water flow in the cabin body.

3. The air in the drying system is heated with high efficiency to dry the equipment with high efficiency.

4. Unique water-saving mode to save consumption.

5. New docking structure is adopted between the cleaning frame and the cabin body, which greatly reduces the leakage of cleaning water at the docking point.

Control system

1. Touch screen display, induction key operation, real-time display of water temperature, running time, running stage and other information;

2. With more than 5 standard procedures and custom procedures, cleaning process parameters can be modified according to demand.

3. Multiple security protection, fault alarm; Electronic security door lock, open the door, the program automatically suspended, can continue to run after closing;

4. It supports industrial Ethernet and can be operated and maintained remotely through the Internet


1. Cleaning process: pre-washing, cleaning, rinsing first, rinsing second, boiling, drying.

2. Continuous adjustable temperature: cleaning, rinsing, final washing temperature 40-90℃ continuous adjustable;

3. Automatic addition of cleaning agent: according to the set program, cleaning and rinsing cleaning agent will be added on time and in quantity;


Can be installed independently or embedded, can also be placed side by side with other devices;

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Model QPQ5500
volume ≥5500L
Screen ≥10.4 “color touch screen display
Running time ≤50min
Cleaning temperature 45℃
Drying temperature 70~120℃
Heating method steam heating
Water consumption ≤200L/ step