• hospital decontamination sink,endoscope disinfection
  • hospital decontamination sink,endoscope disinfection

QPQ001 Plus Hospital Decontamination Sink Endoscope Disinfection

The hospital decontamination sink is a necessary core cleaning equipment for modern medical institutions, which is specialized for comprehensive and deep cleaning and disinfection of precision medical instruments such as endoscopes.

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Hospital Decontamination Sink Endoscope Disinfection Features:

1. Functional groove and functional backboard are made of polymer composite material, easy to clean, long wear-resistant life, and easy to repair after damage.

2. High, medium and low three kinds of backboards, using a one-time molding process, does not hide dirt, easy to clean and maintain, and the size of the groove surface is consistent with the relocation, reorganization, upgrading convenient and flexible.

3. The bracket is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, and the cabinet door is made of tempered glass crystal steel door or acrylic board. Segmented tilt design is used to avoid knee collision cabinet door.

4. The countertop adopts the front high back low tilted waterproof design, arc type countertop edge, to provide staff with waist and abdominal support, effectively reduce fatigue.

5. Using different water quality treatment equipment, adopting “one time water” to automatically irrigate and flush the endoscope to prevent cross-infection. Completes four stages at one time: pulsation injection, gas injection, suction, timing, and is designed with automatic gas injection function, and can set the time.

6. Disinfectant dilution charge system helps to dilute the volatile disinfectant in the tank and remove it through the exhaust channel to prevent the gas from spreading.

7. Liquid tank matches the structure of endoscopy to realize full immersion and save cleaning and disinfecting liquid, single dosage is about ≤6L.

hospital decontamination sink,endoscope disinfection

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