Hospital Grade Autoclave

Hospitals are prone to fungi, viruses and deadly bacteria that can cause extremely serious and sometimes fatal complications. Using unsterilized medical instruments — especially during surgery — greatly increases the likelihood of transmitting disease from one patient to another. Disinfecting every piece of equipment is essential to ensure the safety and health of every patient as possible.

Steam sterilization is one of the best and most widely used techniques because of its advantages of short processing time, low cost, high sterilization reliability and minimal damage to sterilized products.

Hospital grade autoclave ensures the sterilization of medical devices and materials used in hospitals in every surgery, procedure and patient service. The hospital autoclave sterilizer is the most used of the hospital facilities. Autoclaves use high-pressure steam to remove organisms and contaminants from equipment.

The Medical Autoclave series includes pre vacuum sterilizer, high-pressure sterilizer, designed to achieve the highest quality, covering a wide range of applications in the central processing departments of hospitals as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Hospital sterilizers are suitable for sterilizing dressings, B-type chamber instruments, solid instruments, medical catheters, culture media and wastes in the operating room, outpatient department, CSSD, biological laboratory and other medical departments.


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