• vacuum drying oven
  • vacuum drying oven

DG60VD/120VD Hospital Low Temperature Vacuum Drying Oven

This is a low-temperature vacuum drying oven designed for highly sensitive and heat-sensitive substances, which integrates low-temperature control, vacuum dehydration and intelligent monitoring. It is widely used for material drying treatment in biological products, pharmaceutical intermediates, electronic components and other fields.

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Hospital Low Temperature Vacuum Drying Oven Features:

1. Four working modes can be switched in any working situation;

2. When working under the “automatic working mode” button, the humidity is detected to no longer change, the work will automatically stop and sound an alarm, and the working time display window will be closed;

3. The observation window adopts toughened bulletproof glass door and LED lighting to facilitate clear observation of instrument status at any time;

4. The door closure can be adjusted, and the silicone rubber door sealing ring is imported to ensure a high vacuum in the cabinet.

5. The use of imported oil-free vacuum pump to ensure that the instrument operates in a pollution-free vacuum environment;

6. Under the precise control of microcomputer, intermittently replenish gas and heat to prevent frost heaving and ensure instrument safety;

7. High efficiency air filter to ensure that the air in the air exchange process is clean and dust-free, to prevent secondary pollution of instruments;

8. Intelligent protection: power supply protection, pump overheating protection, leakage protection, anti-independent temperature rise protection, sensor protection;

9. Water limit alarm, cup detection function.



Security Protection: Realize drying in low temperature and low pressure environment, effectively avoid damage to instruments

caused by high temperature.

Fast Drying: Can achieve rapid drying of items in a short time.

Wide Application: All kinds of precision instruments, complex structures, high temperature resistant instruments, tubular

instruments, etc., can be dried.

Energy efficient: Vacuum drying is carried out at a lower temperature and requires less heat to achieve drying.

vacuum drying oven


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Product model DG60VD DG120VD
Performance Temperature Ranges Room Temperature+10℃~100℃ Room Temperature+10℃~90℃
Heating-up Time 20℃~50℃ About 20 Minutes
Drying Time 10-60Min According to the actual situation
Range of Vacuum Absolute Pressure 1.1~101.3KPa
Specifications Internal Volume 60L 120L
Internal size 310(W)x310(D)x720(H) 310(W)x310(D)x720(H)
Machine size 530(W)x900(D)x1450(H) 530(W)x900(D)x1680(H)
Power AC220V;10A;2000W AC220V;14A;3000W
Weight About 150kg About 220kg
Structure Heating Method Direct Heating System Circulating Heating System
Watch Window 225×180(Armoured Glass) 400×70 (Armoured Glass)
Commodity Shelf 2 Layers 4 Layers
Mesh frame size 70(H)X300(W)X650(D) 70(H)X300(W)X650(D)
Control System Imported Intelligent Controller Microcomputer Control System+Color Touch Screen
Safety Device Leakage Protection Switch、Overtemperature Protection、 Deviation Protection、Heat Pump Protection、Power Failure Automatic Deflate