• terminal sterilization,pharma sterilization,infusion system
  • terminal sterilization,pharma sterilization,infusion system
  • terminal sterilization of infusion bags,hospital sterilization,water shower autoclave,pharma sterilization,infusion system
  • terminal sterilization,pharma sterilization,infusion system

SG Terminal Sterilization Of Infusion Bags Pharma Infusion System Sterilizer

The equipment is mainly used for sterilization treatment of soft bags such as PVC or non-PVC co-extruded membranes and PP or PE plastic bottles, forced ventilation drying cycle systems suitable for rapid heating and cooling and need dry after sterilization Liquid products.

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Terminal Sterilization Of Infusion Bags Pharma Infusion System Sterilizer Description:

Superhot water is used as the sterilization medium, in which the microbial proteins and other parts are denaturated by heat, eventually leading to the death of microorganisms and achieving the sterilization effect. The product is especially suitable for sterilization of large-scale infusion flexible package Infusion System. Mainly designed for sterilizing products (such as inspection, label, packaging, etc.). The product design, manufacturing, and inspection fully meet the requirements of ISO9001 quality system and pharmaceutical GMP specifications.

terminal sterilization,pharma sterilization,infusion system


Terminal Sterilization Of Infusion Bags Features:

1. Box and Inner Chamber
The inner liner is made of 304 imported sour stainless steel by welding, and the outer wall and reinforcing bars are made of carbon steel plate. The surface of the sterilization chamber is mechanically refined and polished, which is bright and beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

2. Door
The use of cylinder drive locking device, for the domestic industry. Flexible operation, light and maintenance free. Reliable mechanical and electrical interlock to ensure the safety of operation.

3. The Seal
The door seal is made of silicone rubber, with a temperature resistance of more than 200°C. The unique dovetail type embedded design ensures the door’s tightness.

4. Reliable and Stable Microcomputer Automatic Control
The function of data recording, printing and saving. The main control system is controlled by PLC touch screen, which is selected from all over the world to ensure reliable operation. In the aspect of data management, you can choose either instant printing or CF card to print on disk.

5. Beautifully Decorated Covers
The sterilizing cabinet cover is made of brushed stainless steel plate, beautiful and durable, and easy to clean and sanitary treatment.

6. Sterility Assurance and Equipment Certification
The equipment is combined with the traditional temperature and time control and the accumulation of F0 value, double inspection to ensure the sterilization effect, and the multi-point temperature measurement and control method is effective to eliminate the error influence of the sensor.
Equipments are equipped with standard GMP verification interface, can provide users with a free GMP verification.

terminal sterilization,pharma sterilization,infusion system



8. Optional remote monitoring system

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Model Overall Size
Chamber Size
Steam Consumption Pure Water Compressed Air(kg/cycle) Cooling Water Loading Cart(pcs) Power(kw) N.W.(kg)
SG-1.2 1820*2500*2000 1500*750*1100 80 100 2.0 2000 2 5 2150
SG-2.5 3320*2500*2000 3000*750*1100 130 200 4.0 4000 4 5 3100
SG-5 3780*3150*2250 3400*1000*1500 250 450 10.0 8500 4 8 5500
SG-13 4580*4000*2820 φ2000*4200 580 1000 25.0 9000 4 15 8500
SG-26 8580*4000*2820 φ2000*8200 1200 1500 40.0 16000 8 25 18000
SG-32 10580*4000*2820 φ2000*10200 1400 2000 45.0 20000 10 30 21000
SG-40 8740*5200*3220 φ2500*8360 1800 2500 55.0 24000 16 45 24500
SG-62 12820*5200*3220 φ2500*124400 2800 4000 90.0 40000 24 60 31000