How to choose between manual and automatic autoclave?


An autoclave is a sterilizer that operates under high pressure steam to kill living organisms and remove contaminants from the device.

Manual and automatic autoclaves can be found in health care centers, tattoo parlors, nail salons and veterinary offices. These autoclaves are designed to prevent the spread of pathogens between patients and customers.

First, you should note that for a manual autoclave, once the sterilization process is over, you should manually open its door to release the hot steam in the autoclave. If you want to use an autoclave, the autoclave will automatically unlock the door after the sterilization process is complete to release the hot steam in the autoclave.

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The difference between manual and automatic autoclaves

The flow and volume of water in the autoclave must be monitored in a manual autoclave. After loading, the autoclave will automatically lock. In order for autoclave to be effective, accurate sterilization temperature is required. Manual autoclaves will provide a wider temperature range.

The difference is evident in the accessibility of sanitation facilities. Autoclaves sterilize their contents with the push of a button. For manual autoclaves, however, disinfection is a more detailed process.

The importance of autoclaves

Both types of autoclaves play an important role in many different fields. So it’s hard to go wrong with either type. Users should purchase manual or automatic autoclaves according to their own needs or budget. Autoclave is highly reliable for sterilization of equipment of different shapes and sizes and different materials.

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