How to use portable stainless steel pressure steam sterilizer?


Portable stainless steel pressure steam sterilizer is a fast and effective sterilizing equipment using pressure saturated steam. In a closed portable steam autoclave, steam cannot escape. As the pressure increases, so does the boiling point of the water, and therefore the temperature in the pot. The temperature in the pot reached 121℃ under the pressure of 0.1MPa. At this temperature, all kinds of bacteria and their spores are quickly killed.

Portable stainless steel pressure steam sterilizer has the advantages of good effect, convenient operation, enough safety and reliability. Suitable for medical treatment, printing and dyeing, scientific research, food, health stations and other units. It is an ideal sterilization equipment.

The difference between portable and non-portable pressure steam sterilizers

This autoclave can be divided into portable and non-portable types. Portable stainless steel pressure steam sterilizer is steam double-layer structure, the door adopts self-sealing technology, the structure is more simple and reliable. And the portable stainless steel pressure steam sterilizer is easy to operate and easy to clean. The control of the sterilizer adopts computer automatic control technology, which can accurately control the sterilization temperature and time, directly adopts digital display, the whole sterilization process is fully automatic, convenient operation, reduce operation mistakes.

How to use portable pressure steam sterilizer?

1. Stacking: Wrap up the products to be sterilized, and then place them sequentially on the sieve plate in the sterilization barrel, with appropriate gaps between them, so as to facilitate the cold air overflow and steam penetration in the sterilization barrel, and improve the sterilization effect.

2. Add water: add 4 liters of clean water into the sterilizer body. The water will evaporate gradually in the process of extinguishing, and the water surface will decrease accordingly. Therefore, before each sterilization, water should be filled into the main body of the sterilizer to avoid dehydration and dry burning of the electric heating tube and damage of the electric heating tube.

3. Sealing: Put the sterilization barrel into the main body of the sterilizer, insert the hose on the cover into the semi-circular groove on the inner wall of the sterilization barrel, and close the cover. Align the bolt slot on the cover with the main bolt slot, and then insert the wing nut in the relative orientation into the slot to tighten evenly, so that the cover and the main body close.

4, heating; Insert the sterilizer power plug into the 10A/220V external power socket. Turn the power switch to the “on” position, the power indicator is on, and the electric heating tube begins to heat. Then the vent valve plate is manually moved to the “vent” position. When there is urgent steam ejection, the vent valve plate is manually moved to the “close” position.

At this point, the pressure gauge pointer rotates slowly clockwise, indicating that the pressure in the steam sterilizer is gradually rising, and the temperature is also rising.

5, sterilization: when the pressure in the steam sterilizer reaches the required range, the user can start to calculate the sterilization time, according to different items and packaging to determine the required time of sterilization. In the sterilization process, the user can adjust the heat source appropriately by “on” or “off” the power switch on the sterilizer, or connect a voltage regulating transformer to appropriately lower the voltage, so that the pressure in the sterilizer is in a stable state.

However, the constant pressure inside the steam sterilizer must not be lower than the user’s selected value. If the user does not use the above method of heat source control, the safety valve will intermittently release overpressure steam during the sterilization process, and the setting pressure inside the sterilizer is 0.165mpa.

6. Drying: For medical instruments, dressings and utensils that need to be dried quickly after sterilization, the steam in the sterilizer can be discharged quickly through the vent valve at the end of sterilization. After the pressure indicator returns to the “0” scale, the cover of the sterilizer can be opened after 1-2 minutes.

After opening the lid, continue to heat for 10 to 15 minutes to evaporate the remaining water vapor. Then turn the power switch to “off” position to stop heating.

7. Cooling Sterilization of liquid such as culture medium after sterilization, do not quickly discharge the steam in the sterilizer through the vent valve, in order to avoid the dangerous accidents such as overflow or bottle rupture caused by violent boiling of the liquid.

Therefore, after the sterilization of such items, the power switch should be turned to the “off” position first, stop heating, and let it cool until the pressure gauge pointer returns to the “0” scale. After a few minutes, the vent valve plate should be manually moved to the “vent” position. Then the lid can be opened.

8, should often use the bottom thermometer, sterilization indicator or bacterial culture method to check the temperature and time required for sterilization to obtain reliable steam sterilization effect.

Matters needing attention:

1. Pay attention to water level before disinfection to avoid damage to empty beakers.

2. Different items should be disinfected separately.

3. Check the pressure gauge regularly. When the pressure gauge pointer cannot be reset and the reading is inaccurate, the heat source should be cut off and the pressure gauge should be repaired or replaced in time.

4. When the sterilizer is working, the staff shall not leave the site.

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Portable stainless steel pressure steam sterilizers are essential equipment in the process of microbiological research, because the microbiological process requires sterile equipment, which needs to be sterilized with a sterilizer to meet the standards of use. Yx-lm Portable Stainless Steel Steam Sterilizer Electric Pressure Autoclave using immersion heating tube, heating fast, low power consumption (about 50% energy saving than the Electric furnace). The autoclave can also use LPG and coal stove as heating energy. It can also be used as cooking utensils in plateau areas, and can also be used in industrial and mining enterprises to make high-quality drinking water.

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