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WRHD IV Disposal Infusion Set With Needle Shredder Crusher Machine

Needle – They are indispensable tools in modern science. However, nearly 1 million unexpected injuries have been injured every year, which is also the risk of medical staff. Acupuncture may result in contact with hemoprotic pathogens, including but not limited to HIV and HBV.

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IV Disposal Infusion Set With Needle Shredder Crusher Machine Description:

Iv Disposal Shredder Crusher machine is used in large, medium and small hospitals, blood centers and disease control centers. Iv infusion set with needle shredder machine design is novel, mobile convenience, large capacity, shell coating, anticorrosive, luxurious, convenient operation, safe and reliable, efficient, fast, no noise.
Needle Disposal is used to completely destroy disposable plastic medical supplies, such as syringes, infusion bottles, blood bags, catheters, speculators, test tubes, measuring plates, glass garden, dilution cups, suction heads, straws, urine cups, cervical samplers, etc.

IV Disposal Infusion Set With Needle Shredder Crusher Machine Features:

1. Processing capacity: disposable IV infusion set ≥500 PCS/min, plastic 20-25kg /h;
2. Failure mode: mechanical cutting, continuous grinding;
3. Function: with ultraviolet sterilization function
4. In normal and stable operation, no damage to the blocking shape
5 volume: 575mm * 355mm * 755mm
6. Operation mode: Feed from the top
7. Inlet mouth: 125mm*160mm
8. Power supply: AC220V±22V 50Hz;
9. Input: 750W;
10. Continuous working time: ≥2h;
11. Weight: 50Kg


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Model WRHD-160
Capacity Disposable syringe ≥ 500 bons / minute, plastic products 20-25kg / hour
Destruction method Mechanical cutting, continuous smashing, waste centralized collection
Volume 572mm×356mm×750mm
Inlet size 160mm×160mm×120mm
Power supply AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
Power 750W
Continuous working period >2h
Weight 54kg