• low temperature sterilization,eto sterilization,iv set sterilization

EO Plus Disposable Infusion Set/IV Set ETO Low Temperature Sterilization

We are the leading distributor of ethylene oxide (EO or EtO) sterilization equipment. Ethylene oxide sterilization equipment is often used to sterilize objects with temperatures above 60 ° C or radiation sensitivity, such as plastics, optics, medical electronic equipment, etc.

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Disposable Infusion Set/IV Set ETO Low Temperature Sterilization Description:

The ethylene oxide sterilization method is widely used by medical device manufacturers for mass sterilization and is a low temperature sterilization. Most ethylene oxide sterilizers use disposable cartridges for easy and convenient sterilization activities in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical sterilizers, etc. Our ethylene medical sterilization equipment has features such as a continuous gas monitoring system to protect workers sterilizing with ethylene oxide. Ethylene oxide kills all known viruses, molds, bacteria, and fungi, including bacterial spores, and is compatible with most medical materials, even when reused, such as iv set sterilization.

low temperature sterilization,eto sterilization,iv set sterilization


Disposable Infusion Set/IV Set ETO Sterilization Features:


1. It can be used for sterilization of articles that are not resistant to high temperature and humidity.

2. It can kill all microorganisms including bacteria and spores. The sterilization effect is good, and the time can be as long as 2-3 years.

3. Strong penetration, can be used in a variety of difficult to penetrate the sterilization effect.

4. Small damage to items, because EO kills various microorganisms using the principle of alkylation rather than oxidation process, so the damage to items is very small, and the sterilization of heat-resistant precision instruments has a very wide range of uses.

5. There are standard chemical and biological monitoring means, which can effectively control the quality of sterilization and timely discover the failed package of sterilization.

6. The monitoring system is perfect, and the monitoring results can be obtained within 2 hours.


It takes longer about 16.5 hours


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Model Outer Size(L×W×H)
Volume of inner container: 1,3, 6, 10, 15, 20……..100m3
Chamber material Inner chamber and outchamber,and all pipes directly connect with EO gas and steam are stainless steel
Sterilizing temperature 20-100℃
Sterilizing pressure -90~+80Kpa
EO concentration 250~200mg/L
Pre-Vacuum -90Kpa(vacuum can be done sectionalized)
Sterilizing time 3~24 hours choosable
Heating Maximum Power 54KVA
Power source 3-phase,5-wire 380V 50Hz


EO plus with automatic conveyor: