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Autoclaves, sometimes called steam sterilizers, are a subset of sterilizers used to sterilize medical equipment, the pharmaceutical industry, and other materials.

Lab animal science sterilizer was developed for laboratory sterilization applications to make the process safer, easier, accurate, repeatable and verifiable. Autoclave can be used for all laboratory applications, and even can be used in the sterilization process of demanding: liquid (such as nutrient solution and the medium), solid (such as instrument, pipette, glassware), waste (bottles of liquid waste in destructive sterilization, or destruction of solid waste in the bag) and biological hazards in safety lab.

The Lab Autoclave Machine provides a physical method for disinfection and sterilization. They combine steam, pressure and time. Autoclaves operate at high temperatures and pressures to kill microorganisms and spores. Lab animal science sterilizers are used to purify certain biological wastes and sterilize culture media, instruments and laboratory instruments.

Autoclave for Microbiology Laboratory Autoclave for Microbiology Laboratory is designed for laboratory sterilization used in research laboratories, pharmaceutical, microbiology laboratories, food and chemical industries. High performance, reliable results and longer service life make it an ideal choice.

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