• Laparoscopy & Endoscopy sterilization h2o2 sterilization

PS120 Laparoscopy & Endoscopy Sterilization H2O2 Sterilization

H2o2 plasma sterilizer is a sterilizer at the required low temperature and humidity, with good permeability under the required conditions. H2o2 plasma sterilization is an effective sterilization method.

This model is designed for laparoscopic, endoscopic and other surgical use and is highly recommended by surgeons and hospitals.

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Laparoscopy & Endoscopy Sterilization H2O2 Sterilization Description:

The sterilization of endoscopes presents such problems that they can be classified as one of the most complex reusable medical devices that need to be sterilized. We offer surgical endoscope disinfection solutions. The H2O2 sterilization is a widely used product for endoscopy sterilization, cleaning areas where steam is difficult to access and reducing microorganisms in the endoscope.

Laparoscopy & Endoscopy sterilization h2o2 sterilization


Laparoscopy & Endoscopy Sterilization H2O2 Sterilization Features:

1. Environmental protection:

Hydrogen peroxide commonly used in clinic is used as the medium to form a low temperature plasma and complete sterilization by RF electromagnetic field excitation, the final product is a small amount of water vapor and oxygen, no toxic residue and discharge, no damage to medical personnel, no pollution to the environment.

2. Safety:

Automatic control touch pad, easy to operate, no high temperature, high pressure, and simple installation and debugging, safe to use.

3. Normal temperature:

Sterilization temperature is 50℃ ~ 60℃, dry sterilization, no damage to instruments and articles, can extend the service life of valuable instruments.

4. Time-saving:

The sterilization cycle is short, simple instrument sterilization can be completed within 30 to 50 minutes, complex instrument sterilization can be completed within 50 to 70 minutes, and can be used directly after the completion of the operation, without the need for natural cooling after high temperature sterilization, and unlike the low temperature sterilization of ethylene oxide, which needs to be placed for 6 to 48 hours of ventilation diffusion to reduce the residual concentration of ethylene oxide.

5. Low temperature operation:

H2O2 sterilizers are sterilized at a lower temperature (usually 40-60 ° C), which makes it particularly suitable for high temperature sensitive instruments and materials such as electronic instruments and optical equipment. Low temperature operation reduces the risk of thermal damage due to high temperatures and protects the integrity and functionality of precision and sensitive equipment.


Plasma sterilizers provide an effective solution in many scenarios where fast, efficient and safe sterilization is required.

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Type PS60 PS120 PS120D
Overall Dimension H1720*W750*D900(mm) H1720*W820*D890(mm) H1720*W820*D890(mm)
Capacity 60L(cylinder chamber) 120L(cylinder chamber) 120L(cylinder chamber)
Power AC380V±38v,50Hz±1Hz(Optional 220V)
Working power 2.62KVA 3.0KVA 3.0KVA
Sterilization Temp 50℃–60℃
Sterilization Mode Quick/standard/enhanced cycle
Door Type Single automatic vertical sliding door Double Door
Control system Android system,intelligent management
Cassette 12 capsules for each cassette which can be used for 6 cycles