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WS Large Autoclave Pulse Vacuum Rectangular Horizontal Steam Sterilizer Autoclave

High-pressure sterilizer adopts innovative high-performance sterilization techniques, made of 304 stainless steel and is fully covered by high-efficiency jackets to ensure rapid heating and shortening cycle time. This ensures uniform heat distribution and reduces utility consumption of heating and cooling. Chamber design minimizes dead zones to achieve optimal loading and throughput. Designed for steam sterilization of surgical instruments, textiles, clothes, rubber products, metals, plastics, and glassware. They are used in hospitals, including CSSD, operating room.

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Large Autoclave Pulse Vacuum Rectangular Horizontal Steam Sterilizer Autoclave Description:

Horizontal steam sterilizer autoclave adopts pulse vacuum method to remove the cold air in the inner chamber, making the cold air content of the steam in the inner chamber less and sterilization more reliable. At the same time, the control system automatically adjusts the intake and discharge of steam according to the temperature of the chamber during sterilization of the Horizontal Autoclave equipment. Stainless steel pipes have no dead Angle to ensure complete drainage. Large Autoclave’s vacuum pump performs 3/4 times of pre-vacuum at the start of the cycle, removing more than 99% of the chamber air, giving the chamber steam good permeability and a more uniform temperature.

Pulse vacuum steam sterilizer is mainly used to sterilize medical and experimental cloth articles, surgical instruments and instruments in hospital supply room, operating room, pharmaceutical factory and scientific research laboratory. Sterilization process automatic control, no supervision, easy to use. Rectangular Autoclave has the function of drying to achieve the drying effect of disinfected items.

Horizontal Steam Sterilizer Autoclave Features:

1. The main body consists of an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner cavity is made of high quality acid resistant 304 stainless steel. Automatic welding, one-time molding. Horizontal circular chamber + jacket structure, safety, heat preservation, drying effect is the best.
2. Adopt plate type cogging type + motor or manual locking door structure, low fault, reliable; Double doors optional. Simple and safe operation.
3. The door seal is pneumatic or self-inflating. The sealing strip is made of excellent heat-resistant silicone rubber with long service life.
4. The control system adopts touch screen and PLC to ensure stable operation and correct temperature detection.
5. Water, pulse (special for vacuum system), heating, sterilization, drying process is fully automatic, without manual adjustment.
6. Built-in high quality vacuum pump, to ensure effective air exclusion, to obtain the best saturated steam (vacuum system). Unique pulse vacuum drying process (special for vacuum system), residual moisture less than 0.2%. 1~6 pulses, -0.09mpa (-0.9bar) vacuum, to ensure effective air exclusion to obtain the best saturated steam (vacuum system special)
7. Built-in high efficiency steam generator, microcomputer temperature control, time saving
8. Pipeline system is optimized design,SUS304 pipeline, clamp type quick loading mode. All piping, fittings and components are designed and installed on one side for greater convenience. Repair and maintenance. The sterilizer can be mounted against a wall, or two sterilizers can be used simultaneously. Maintain space to save installation space.
9. Control system: HMI man-machine interface, touch screen + microcomputer.
10. Built-in micro printer, record the entire sterilization information. Equipped with standard equipment verification interface;
11. F0 value and temperature time double guarantee sterilization effect, with perfect sterilization record;
12. With program selection, parameter setting, equipment operation, report processing and other functions, traceable;
13. Multiple safety protection measures; Well-designed fault warning system, fault information real-time display on the touch screen. After the sterilization cycle is complete, a beep sound will be emitted and a message will be displayed on the touch screen.
14.Sterilization process: fabric, instrument, liquid, BD, pressure holding test, custom multiple procedures;

Safety protection:

1.heater protection;
2.prevent dry burning;
3.safety interlocking door;
4.over temperature protection;
5.overvoltage protection;
6.automatic release safety valve;
7.electrical safety protection device.

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Main Technical Parameter
Design pressure -0.1~0.3Mpa
Design temperature 144℃
Working pressure 0.245Mpa
Vacuum -0.086Mpa
Working Temperature 105~138℃
Temperature Equilibrium < +2.0℃
Water Pressure 0.1-0.2Mpa
Compessed air pressure 0.4-0.7Mpa
Steam Pressure 0.3-0.7Mpa
Power vltage Three-phase five-wire
AC 380V 50Hz
Model&Parameter(Without Pulse Vacuum )
Model Overall Dimensions L*M*H(mm) Chamber Size (Φ*L)mm Steam Consumption (KG) Water Consumption(KG) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG)
WS-80D 990x640x1680 Φ420×580 ≤9 ≤30 ≤2+⑨ 220
WS-100D 1160x650x1680 Φ420×750 ≤10 ≤30 ≤2+⑨ 250
WS-120D 1290x650x1680 Φ420×880 ≤11 ≤30 ≤2+⑨ 280
WS-150D 1290x690x1680 Φ472×880 ≤12 ≤190 ≤2+⑫ 350
WS-200D 1560x690x1680 Φ472×1150 ≤13 ≤190 ≤2+⑫ 370
WS-300D 1430x850x1760 Φ620×995 ≤18 ≤200 ≤2+⑮ 450
WS-400D 1755x850x1760 Φ620×1320 ≤22 ≤200 ≤2+⑮ 510
Model&Parameter(With Pulse Vacuum )
Model Overall Dimensions L*M*H(mm) Chamber Size (Φ*L)mm Steam Consumption (Kg) Water Consumption(Kg) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG)
WS-80D 990x640x1680 Φ420×580 ≤10 ≤30 ≤2+⑫ 250/280
WS-100D 1160x650x1680 Φ420×750 ≤11 ≤30 ≤2+⑫ 280/310
WS-120D 1290x650x1680 Φ420×880 ≤12 ≤30 ≤2+⑫ 310/340
WS-150D 1290x690x1680 Φ472×880 ≤13 ≤190 ≤2+⑮ 370/410
WS-200D 1560x690x1680 Φ472×1150 ≤15 ≤190 ≤2+⑮ 400/440
WS-300D 1430x850x1760 Φ620×995 ≤20 ≤200 ≤2+⑱ 480/530
WS-400D 1755x850x1760 Φ620×1320 ≤25 ≤200 ≤2+⑱ 540/590