Low cost medical waste disposal – medical waste incinerator


The cost of safe disposal of clinical waste is getting higher and higher. Health clinics and health centres can now treat their own waste streams using one of our specialist medical incinerators.

The safest method of disposing of biological and pharmaceutical wastes is incineration. Our machines are ideal for handling all hospital waste, including sharp tool boxes, prior to needle disposal. It is important to note that incineration does not destroy the metal waste, but completely disinfect it, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination and preparing the waste management plan for safe recycling in the next phase.

Our series of medical waste incinerators are designed to treat most types of medical and hazardous waste in most climates and conditions.

Our products ensure efficient, clean and easy disposal of hazardous waste. Our products are suitable for medical waste, including type 4 incineration of pathological waste from hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical enterprises, drug manufacturing enterprises, practices, plastic surgery clinics, nursing homes, nursing homes and any environmentally conscious waste treatment facility.

Medical Waste Incinerator For Hygienic Clinical Waste Destruction:

Our units are in use across a wide range of organisations, from small independents, to Government led initiatives for the safe destruction of:

Hospital Waste

Biological Waste

Pathological Waste

Needle Disposal

Sharps Disposal

Medical Waste

Bio-Hazard Waste

Red Bag Waste

Clinical Waste

Healthcare Waste

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Medical waste incinerator, specially designed to provide optimum results when destroying your medical waste. Made of thickened steel and benefiting from multiple layers of refractories, substantial operating costs can be saved by 40% through improved thermal efficiency.

All of our incinerators are designed to be robust, reliable and efficient. Manufacturing using traditional methods and the latest technological advances to ensure you get the highest quality machines. Our multi-layer refractories are interlocked to ensure maximum strength compared to cast refractories commonly found in other manufacturers’ machines, improving durability even in harsh environments.

This means our machines heat up faster, keep the temperature longer, keep the heat where it’s needed, and use up to 40% less fuel to complete a thorough cremation than most other machines on the market.

This method can save you time, and more importantly, it can save you money.

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