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MZG Low Temperature Vacuum Drying Machine Pharmaceutical Dryers Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer

MZG series low-temperature pulsating vacuum dryer is mainly suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials (Chinese traditional medicine extract, active substance) in low-temperature vacuum state.

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Low Temperature Vacuum Drying Machine Pharmaceutical Dryers Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer Description:

The low temperature vacuum Drying is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, biological engineering and other fields. Pulse Vacuum sterilizer is a vacuum chamber type drying equipment conforming to the new GMP. Vacuum drying machine is mainly used for drying sensitive materials, materials with large viscosity and solvent materials that need to be recycled. It is especially effective for drying the extract with high sugar content, easy overflow and foaming, such as Chinese herbal extract. This dry vacuum machine adopts the “pulse” laminar vacuum drying principle, which is an efficient and low temperature drying method. The Heating source for the Pharmaceutical Dryers can be steam, hot water, or electricity. It can also be equipped with saturated cycle steam sterilization, ozone disinfection, on-line cleaning or soaking cleaning and other functions.

Working principle:

The material is loaded into the baking dish and placed on the plate heated with the box. Under the vacuum state, the solvent is taken away by the vacuum pump through continuous step-down pressurization (and can add condensation recovery system), to achieve the purpose of rapid drying.

Equipment structure:

Box body, drying frame, drying plate, bubble breaking system, heating system, vacuum system, control system.

Low Temperature Vacuum Drying Machine Pharmaceutical Dryers Features:

1. Laminate heating: the flatness of laminate is less than or equal to 1mm, the material plate is closely combined with the laminate, and the heat transfer efficiency is high. Hollow diaphragm design, so that the plate heating uniform, temperature uniformity ±1.5℃, to ensure the consistency of drying materials.

2. The inner wall of the drying box is made of high quality stainless steel plate mirror plate. The inner wall edges and corners have circular transition to ensure that there is no dead Angle inside, easy to clean.

3. The inner wall is equipped with heating sandwich, which can prevent condensation, form an effective isolation layer, reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside, and reduce the heat loss in the cabinet.

4. Skip car adopts removable design. The entire material cart can be removed from the oven. It is very convenient to maintain and clean the machine thoroughly.

5. Optional condenser, which can recover solvent from materials by condensation or absorption.

6. The box body is equipped with toughened glass door, mirror lamp, etc., so as to observe the drying condition of the materials in the box;

7. The door can be opened and closed automatically. The sealing strip is sealed by air bag to ensure the high vacuum in the cavity.

Equipment advantages

1. The drying efficiency is 200% higher than traditional drying equipment, and the drying time is greatly shortened.

2. Energy consumption is more than 80% lower than that of hot air circulation cabinet dryer.

3. The finished product has higher uniformity, better quality and better color after drying.

4. With online cleaning or soaking cleaning function, mobile skip car design, more convenient cleaning.

5. Pulse bubble breaking design, especially suitable for easy forming materials.

6. For materials that are not easy to break bubbles, explosive drying method is adopted to make full use of latent heat of steam and water absorption of unsaturated steam.

7. PLC automatic control system. The whole system is operated by man-machine interface. Parameters can be set in segments. More complex processes can be achieved. Drying efficiency and effect can be guaranteed.


Low temperature pulse vacuum dryer is mainly suitable for drying heat sensitive materials (Chinese traditional medicine extract, active substance) under low temperature vacuum condition.

low temperature vacuum drying,pulse vacuum sterilizer,vacuum drying machine,dry vacuum machine,pharmaceutical dryers

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Model The size in the oven(W×D×H)(mm) Overall dimension(W×D×H)(mm) Banking plate layers(number) Vacuum(Mpa) The highest temperature(°C) Steam pressure(Mpa)
MZG-8 850×1000×1000 1050×1200×1400 2 discs 6 layers 12 -0.1 100 0.2-0.6
MZG-10 850×1000×1250 1050×1200×1650 2 discs 8 layers 16 -0.1 100 0.2-0.6
MZG-12 1200×1400×1050 1450×1600×1450 4 discs 6 layers 24 -0.1 100 0.2-0.6
MZG-15 1200×1400×1250 1450×1600×1650 4 discs 8 layers 32 -0.1 100 0.2-0.6
MZG-20 1200×2000×1250 1450×2200×1650 6 discs 8 layers 48 -0.1 100 0.2-0.6
MZG-30 1200×2000×1450 1450×2200×1850 6 discs 10 layers 60 -0.1 100 0.2-0.6