• final package sterilization,steam sterilizer
  • final package sterilization,steam sterilizer
  • final package sterilization,steam sterilizer
  • final package sterilization,steam sterilizer

FG Mask Final Package Sterilization Air And Steam Sterilizer

Mask is attached to the skin, contact pore place, which is relatively high requirements for the microorganism of the mask, especially with some mask liquid if not using good sterilization, mask finished semi-finished products are easy to breed a variety of bacterial pathogens. It is the top priority of enterprise producer to prevent the bacteria exceeding the standard of facial mask products.

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Mask Final Package Sterilization Air And Steam Sterilizer Description:


The final package sterilization is to kill mold, escherichia coli and other treatment bacteria, can prolong the shelf life of facial mask, improve the safety of facial mask use.

To design and manufacture different specifications of sterilization machines according to the actual products and output of users. After sterilization, the items are cooled and dried by forced circulation convection with one or more high-energy two-speed blowers. After sterilization can directly enter the next process, such as inspection, labeling, packaging and so on.

final package sterilization,steam sterilizer



Mask Final Package Sterilization Features:

The sterilizer is composed of the main body, sealing door, piping system, control system and external decoration cover, etc., and equipped with a disinfection car and a moving car.


Main body


1. The main body is strengthened by double-sided welding jacket. The inner chamber is made of 304 stainless steel plate, which is automatically welded by plasma.

2. The insulation layer is made of aluminum silicate cotton with excellent performance.





1. The sealing door adopts pneumatic sealing structure and is equipped with safety interlocking device.

2. At the same time, once the door program is started and running, the sealed door is locked and cannot be opened to ensure safe operation.

3. Optional electric door.

final package sterilization,steam sterilizer


Pipeline System


1. Control valve selection of imported Angle seat pneumatic valve and pilot solenoid valve, pneumatic valve trouble-free action up to 4 million times.

2. Vacuum pump for direct connection, mechanical seal, low noise, no water leakage, no vibration.


Cooling Coil


1. The cooling coil is arranged inside the equipment.

2. The cooling and drying of the product is to condense the mixed gas in the sterilization chamber by introducing cooling water into the condensing coil. Cold air flowing through the product will cool the product, while the product surface of the WPA, the final time limit for cooling and drying purposes.

final package sterilization,steam sterilizer


Control System


1. Microcomputer PLC+ touch screen DCS+ remote background monitoring system.

2. As a touch screen allows you to select applications as required or change working parameters as required.

3. The touch screen can display each process state of the program running in real time.


Sterilization Cart


1. The sterilization carts and handling carts equipped used for loading and transporting sterilized goods.

2. Based on the clean and sanitary standards, the sterilizing car bracket is all made of stainless steel.




  • Large Volume Infusion/ Parenteral Solutions In Sealed Glass, PP, PE, Etc Bottles
  • Large volume infusion/ parenteral solutions in sealed PVC, PP, PE, etc. bags without “blushing” phenomenal or any color changing
  • Blood Bags (with Operation At Temperatures Below 75°c)
  • Pre-filled Syringe
  • Blister Packed Products
  • Contact lenses
  • Ampoules For Terminal Sterilization


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Design pressure 0.245Mpa Working Temperatur 134℃
Working Pressure 0.22Mpa Steam Source Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Design Temperature 139℃ Water Source Pressure 0.1-0.3Mpa
Heat Equilibrium ≤±0.5℃ Compressed Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Model Overall Size L*W*H(mm) Chamber Size L*W*H(mm) Steam Consumption (kg/cycle) Compressed Air Consumption(m³/cycle)
FG-1.2 1910*3400*2130 1500*1300*1300 85 2
FG-2.5 3410*3400*2130 3000*1300*1300 120 3.5
FG-5 3850*3700*2230 3400*1600*1700 250 6
FG-8 5850*3700*2230 5400*1600*1700 500 9
FG-10 7150*3700*2300 6700*1600*1700 650 12
FG-12 8450*3700*2230 8000*1600*1700 850 15
FG-14 9850*3700*2230 9400*1600*1700 1000 18