• dry heat oven sterilization,pharma sterilizer,autoclave dry heat sterilization,dry heat sterilization in pharmaceuticals,medical autoclave
  • dry heat oven sterilization,pharma sterilizer,autoclave dry heat sterilization,dry heat sterilization in pharmaceuticals,medical autoclave

DMH Plus Medical Autoclave Dry Heat Oven Sterilization Pharma Sterilizer

DMH plus double-door sterilization furnace is equipped with high efficiency centrifugal fan main circulation, air door fan, auxiliary circulation of air intake fan. The air inlet, air outlet and inside of the drying box are equipped with high temperature and high efficiency air filter. Under the action of the main and auxiliary circulating air, the double-door sterilization furnace will quickly obtain high purity hot air. It is one of the indispensable drying and sterilization equipment in drug production.

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Medical Autoclave Dry Heat Oven Sterilization Pharma Sterilizer Description:

DMH Plus series, a hundred grade purification in open door dry Heat Oven, is the latest generation product developed by our company in recent years. Hundreds of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises have passed the GMP certification. The advanced sensitive control system of the Pharma Sterilizer, equipped with PLC man-machine interface touch screen, micro differential pressure meter, automatic dehumidifying valve and flammable gas concentration tester in special environment and other key components are all produced in Japan, America and Taiwan of China, ensuring the quality of the oven. The perfect 100-stage laminar flow purification system meets the requirements of “GMP” standard. DMH series of Medical Autoclave Dry Heat products are available for choice by users, and their configuration and size can also be customized according to user use, site, volume, etc.

Main application areas:

DMH Plus series is suitable for sterilization of siring bottles, ampoules, aluminum LIDS, metal and glassware in the pharmaceutical industry. Heat removal and drying and sterilization of solid materials.

Working principle:

DMH Plus series sterilizer puts the oven, bottle or car full of materials into the box, starts the PLC programmable control system, the inner circulating fan works, heating starts at the same time, and the drying box warms up rapidly. , circulation fan, the hot air by filling the wind fan through high temperature resistant hepa filter into the box body, under the microporous adjustment to the casing to form a uniform distribution of air, dry air absorption (materials and articles) on the surface of the water bottle, fan discharge by the platoon is wet, dry air in fan under the action of directional flow loop. With the gradual decrease of water vapor and the supply of fresh filtered air in clearance, the box body is in a state of slight positive pressure. The constant temperature ends and the process control is completed. Open the air supply or (water) forced cooling, cooling to the set door temperature, sound and light prompt to open the bottle.

dry heat oven sterilization,pharma sterilizer,autoclave dry heat sterilization,dry heat sterilization in pharmaceuticals,medical autoclave

Structural features:

1. All parts of the cavity that may be in contact with objects are made of 304 stainless steel;
2. The outer surface is made of 304-2B stainless steel, adopting a new production process, which meets the requirements of GMP and makes the appearance more simple and beautiful;
3. Unique heat insulation method, ensure the product surface temperature ≤ room temperature +15℃
4. The inner chamber adopts the unique closed welding method, the inner chamber body four corners arc transition structure, no dead Angle easy to clean.

Medical Autoclave Dry Heat Oven Sterilization Pharma Sterilizer Features:

1. Adopt safe and stable pneumatic opening and closing system;
2. The advanced vacuum sealing method can ensure the good sealing of the door, simple and practical, and effectively avoid the contamination of sterilized items;
3. The air inlet and exhaust system of this series of products, and one side of the cavity are equipped with H14 high temperature resistant high efficiency filter, the filtering efficiency reaches 99.995%, to ensure that the chamber reaches 100 level;
4. The chamber main filter adopts the innovative combined sealing process, which not only effectively improves the efficiency of the product, but also makes its disassembly and maintenance more convenient;
5. Laminar flow plate inside the chamber adopts unique hole distribution to control the horizontal laminar flow wind, which effectively improves the utilization rate of heat energy and temperature uniformity;
6. The equipment adopts advanced automatic control system, automatic temperature control, automatic maintenance of positive pressure in the cavity;
7. Independent overtemperature protection system, effectively ensure the safety of equipment;
8. The product is reserved with multi-functional verification interface for dust particle verification test and temperature distribution test;
9. The main filter of the cavity is provided with a PAO detection port;
10. Air cooling or water cooling can be used in the cooling process to meet the different needs of customers and improve work efficiency;



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Model DMH -0.225 Plus DMH -0.64 Plus DMH -1.2 Plus DMH -1.8 Plus
Operating Chamber Dimensions(mm)(W×D×H) 600×500×750 800×800×1000 1000×1000×1200 1000×1200×1500
Outside Dimensions(mm)(W×D×H) 1700×850×1750 1900×1150×2250 2150×1350×2380 2100×1550×2650
Heatingoower(KW) 9 15 22 28
Circulating Blower Power(KW) 0.75 2.2 3 4
Supplementary Blower Power(KW) 0.18 0.18 0.25 0.25
Moisture-expelling Blower Power(KW) 0.18 0.25 0.37 0.37
Designed Temperature Scope(℃) Room temperature~300 Room temperature~300 Room temperature~300 Room temperature~300
Cleanness Grade 100 Grade 100 Grade 100 Grade 100 Grade
Circulating Blower Blowing Rate(m³/h) 3500 4600 5500 6300
Supplementary Blowing Rate(m³/h) 300 300 408 408
Can be designed and manufactured on site according to user’s requirements.