• water purification system, high purity water systems,reverse osmosis water system
  • water purification system, high purity water systems,reverse osmosis water system

Water-150/300/500/1000RO Medical Grade Reverse Osmosis High Purity Water Purification Systems

The system adopts the current reverse osmosis technology, the effluent water quality is high and stable, and the reverse osmosis host has automatic cleaning and maintenance function; Water shutdown, no water safety protection system, online detection of water quality conductance, flow and pressure; The system is equipped with an intelligent balance system to ensure the stability and safety of its operation, and can provide continuous water supply without interruption to ensure that water is available to each department and each process at any time.

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Medical Grade Reverse Osmosis High Purity Water Purification Systems Features:

Product Feature

1. Simple man-machine interface, highly intelligent control system.

2. The ion removal rate of reverse osmosis membrane > 99%.

3. The transmission adopts UV+ UF device online cycle killing (removing) bacteria treatment;Constant pressure water supply of large circulation pipeline, directly connected with cleaning workstation.

4. With night mode, night time ozone water cycle sterilization.

5. Meet the pure water requirements in Technical Specification for Cleaning and Disinfection of Flexible Endoscope Ws 507-2016.


Process 1: Source water

Process 2: First stage precision 5 micron PPF filter

Process 3: Efficient CTO activated carbon filter

Process 4: 4 micron precision filter

Process 5: Quiet DC high-pressure water pump

Process 6: RO membrane filtration by reverse osmosis

Process 7: multistage imported ultra-pure water column


Product Function

1. The quality of the produced water meets the water standard of the disinfection supply center;

2. Automatic pretreatment system, washing, regeneration automatic operation;

3. Soft water, pure water with independent water supply pipeline, can be multi-point water;

4. Automatic operation of the equipment, without special care;

5. With no water protection, high and low pressure protection and other functions; .

6. The reverse osmosis host has automatic pulse fushing function;

7. Can be connected with any brand of cleaning machine, sterilization equipment;

8. The operating pressure, flow rate and pure water quality and other parameters can be visually viewed.

9. With constant pressure water supply system;

10. With complete power saving, water saving functions;

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Product model Water-150RO Water-300RO Water-500RO Water-1000RO
Power Supply 220V 50HZ 1.8KW 220V 50HZ 2KW 220V 50HZ 2.5KW 220V 50HZ 4KW
Pure Water Yield Urban Water supply,Inlet Water Pressure is 0.15MPa, water temperature is 5°C ~40°C
Water Requirement 150L/H 300L/H 500L/H 1000L/H
Pure Water Conductivity ≤15μS/cm@25C
Product water quality Total Plate Count≤10FU/100mL
Overall Size 715x650x1600 mm 800x950x1790 mm 800x950x1790 mm 1200x860x1600 mm
Covering area ㎡ 0.46 0.76 0.76 1.03